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Prof, Gwarzo Donated Over N20 Million to Nursing Inductes at Their Induction Ceremony in Abuja

The nursing council society of Nigeria held her induction ceremony today; Wednesday November 18th 2020.

 The epoch occasion was graced by chairman of the governing board, nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria, Dr Bola Ofi, 

She welcomed guests and inductees from different universities across the world, She said the students have fulfilled all the requirements for them to be inducted into the nursing council society of Nigeria. 

Mrs, Bola also said that the process of attaining such laudable achievement is very tedious, considering how regulated the nursing profession is, which she opined that the students has done a great job.
 Dr Ofi enjoined the inductees to be very intensional in choosing the area of nursing the inductees will want to practice; such as community health, med surgery, mental health psychiatry, education, maternal and child care etc.

She dubbed them as "ambassadors of the noble profession of nursing". Dr Ofi thanked and congratulated the parents of Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) and the parents of other inductees, she further said they should be proud of themselves for investing heavily into the academic pursuits of their wards into what they are today. She urged the inductees to make their parents proud.

Also in the same vein, the founder/president of Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) prof Abubakar Adamu Gwarzo said he is pleased by the efforts of his students and he said he is very happy with their performance. He donated over 20million naira to the inducting students. 

He re-emphasize the gaint strides of the university; eg recruiting highly trained lecturers, building conducive environment for effective learning,  bringing massive development to the region where the university is domiciled--Maradi Niger republic, training competent students with huge entrepreneural skills etc. 

He also said that the university is correctly building a start of the art campus in kano Nigeria.

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