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Banditry:We Must Work Together To Save Our Only Country-Group Says

A group of patriots BE A BUILDER OF A SECURE NATION has said that it is good for us to work together to save our dear country Nigeria from going down the drain, the group call on Nigerians to joint hands with alla relevant authorities in seeing the logical end of the present insecurity the country is experiencing.

The secretary of the group Comrade Mika'il Yunus said that they have embarked on creating awareness activities that will help in uniting Nigerians for a better future for all generations. Insecurity, economy building, saving problems of education, corruption, bloodshed and unlawful detentions of prisoners.

The group stage the awareness event in the capital of Nigeria, Lagos as well as Kaduna, where articles were distributed to people.

Comrade Mika'il intensifies the call for government of yhe day to as a matter of urgency finf lasting solution to the unending problewa of Banditry across the country as well as ending the prolonged strike embarked by the ASUU..

He said, "There is need for the release of political prisoners, prisoners of Conscience and other Nigerians that are been detained unlawfully such as Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, Sowore and others.

"We must work together to clear  the bad images that were attributed to Nigeria in the International Organizations such as ICC , Human Rights Watch as well as countries such as US that blacklisted Nigeria for violation of the rights and freedom of minority groups."

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