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BREAKING: Kaduna Govt Demolishes Proposed Venue For Sex Party

The Kaduna State government has demolished the building picked as venue for the botched sex party organised by some youths in the state.

One of the major organisers of the sex party has also confessed that, he conceived the idea but that ‘it was a mere joke between him and his friends.
The Public Relations Officer of Kaduna State Urban Planning Development Agency (KASUPDA), Nuhu Garba, confirmed the demolition of the building, located at Sabon Tasha, a suburb in Kaduna metropolis on Thursday.

He said the demolition was carried out based on the laws guiding the agency.

“The law has vested the agency the power to demolish any building that contravenes the rights of occupancy, for instance, if a residential building is turned into something other that the purpose it was meant for, the law gives us power to demolish such property especially if it’s against public interest.”

Garba also said, “We were in Narayi, another suburb in the state to carry out similar assignment. We are currently demolishing another building that promotes illicit acts.”

‘It was a joke”

Meanwhile, one of suspect who was paraded by police in Kaduna on Thursday said, the said Sex Party was not organised to cause nuisance in Kaduna State, as it was not supposed to go public, but a mere party among friends.

According to the suspect, “Kaduna’ Sex Party started as a joke between me and my friends, it was not meant to go public, it was not meant to cause nuisance among the public of Kaduna State. It was just someone that felt that she was too brilliant that posted it on Twitter.

“I never posted the party invite on Twitter. Yes, I initiated it, yes, it started as a joke, I keep saying it, it was not meant to disturb the peace and security of Kaduna.

“The whole thing was a joke. A friend made the flier that was posted on Twitter and put my number on it and we all laughed over it, but somebody sent to someone and to another person like that, until it got to Twitter.”

Asked about his name, the suspect became furious and said, “don’t ask for my name please. I don’t know what else you want me to say, I said it was a joke.”

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