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COVID-19: Lagos Govt Raises Concerns Over Rise In Community Transmission

Professor Akin Abayomi
The Lagos state government is raising concern over what it calls a rise in the community transmission of the coronavirus even though it is not as high as it was between July and August.

The state Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi says although the state has increased its testing ability to between 2000 to 3000 daily, a second wave of the pandemic seems imminent due to general laxity and lack of compliance with the pharmaceutical protocol.

Prof. Akin Abayomi explained that the trend in positivity shows the virus transmission is increasing more during the festive season because people are gathering.

He also released statistics of the disease profile in the state showing that 48% of the cases are mild with 35% in moderate condition and 16% severe while only 1% in critical condition.

A further breakdown of admissions in the state also shows that 3,299 patients have so far been admitted, 2,826 discharged, 236 deaths recorded, 63 evacuations made with 75 people are currently in isolation.

He also disclosed that 10 oxygen camps are being built across the state out of which six are ready for use. The oxygen camps are permanent structures and can be used for other diseases besides covid-19.

Professor Abayomi added that the outbreak of the new variant of the virus has the capability to be more contagious while the government hopes to balance the public health response and economy so that people can live normally.

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