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COVID-19: Relatives Of Italian Virus Victims Want €100m From Govt.

A group representing Italian victims of the COVID-19 pandemic is going to sue regional and national authorities, seeking 100 million euros (122 million dollars) in damages.

In a statement, Noi Denunceremo (We will press charges) said it would file the lawsuit on Wednesday on behalf of around 500 people who lost their loved ones.

“We will ask from authorities an average compensation of 200,000 euros per person, for a total outlay of around 100 million euros,” the group said.

The suit is addressed against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Health Minister Roberto Speranza and Lombardy Regional President Attilio Fontana.

Noi Denunceremo President Luca Fusco called it a “Christmas present for those who should have acted [against the pandemic] and did not act.”

Italy is one of the country’s worst hit by the coronavirus.

With a population of 60 million, it has recorded nearly 70,000 deaths linked to COVID-19, more than any other country in Europe.

“Noi Denunceremo’’ argues that official negligence contributed to the death toll.

The group is based in Bergamo, the northern province that was the epicentre of the first wave of the virus in March and April.

In the past months, it filed dozens of criminal complaints to Bergamo prosecutors, urging them to investigate alleged failures in the handling of the pandemic.

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