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Father Seeks Justice For 13-Year-Old Daughter Raped By In-Law In Kano

Sani Dankaka, who lives in Kano, says his 13-year-old daughter has been allegedly raped by 40-year-old Hassan Sani who is an in-law.

In an interview with SaharaReporters on Friday, Dankaka explained that Hassan, who married his sister, had repeatedly molested his daughter who was staying with the family at the time.

"My daughter told me that whenever my sister was away from home, Hassan called her and raped her after which he threatened her with a knife and so many other objects that he would kill her and there is nothing anybody would do about it. So, she kept that information to herself, for these past two months," Dankaka said.

He said his daughter revealed her experience after his sister divorced Hassan because of Hassan's indecent character.

He said, "My sister had a child recently but since she has divorced her husband, he calls once in a while to speak with her and sends money. It was during one of such conversations that my daughter asked my sister if it was her stupid husband she was talking to.

"That statement shocked my sister, who asked if there was anything wrong. It was until then that my daughter revealed all that this man had done to her. She couldn't even count the number of times the man had raped her."

He said that Hisbah, Islamic police in Kano, had asked the family to go for forensic tests at the hospital, which would determine the next step.

"When they heard about this case at Hisbah, they said it was a terrible issue. We are presently on our way to Hisbah. They would take her to the hospital," he said.

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