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Mauritius’ First Twins Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Two Mauritian women – Ritta Marie Noélie and Rose Marie Noëlla – on Wednesday celebrated their 100th birthday at a municipal hall, in Rose-Hill, 20 km south of the capital, Port Louis.

They are the first twins in Mauritius to celebrate their 100th birthday.

At a ceremony organised in their honour by the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity, the Minister, Mrs Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo, said centenarians are the repositories of values and traditions.

“They play an instrumental role as guides for the new generation with their rich life experiences”, she emphasised.

The minister recalled the measures put in place by the government to ensure the health, safety and welfare of senior citizens aged 60 and above, adding that “the society should be able to adapt to the needs of old people.”

According to Mrs Jeewa-Daureeawoo, these include access to financial resources and medical care, availability of daily living aids, access to leisure activities, the right to protection and security and strengthening the family unit to prevent isolation of the elderly.

Official statistics from the Social Security Office in Port Louis show that Mauritius accounts for a total of 162 people aged 100 years and above. They benefit from a monthly pension worth Rs 21,710 from the government. (PANA/NAN)

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