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Emir of Zazzau Bamalli Makes First Appointments, Reshuffles Titles

Amb. Ahmad Bamalli, the 19th Emir of Zazzau

The Emir of Zazzau, Ahmad Bamalli, has made first appointments and elevations of some tittle holders in the emirate.

Mr Bamalli was appointed emir on October 7, 2020, following the death of Emir Shehu Idris on September 20, 2020.
In a statement by released by the emirate, the emir has replaced the late Iyan Zazzau Aminu Bashar with a member representing Zaria Constituency, Abbas Tajudden.

Mr Bamalli also appointed his brother, Mansur Bamalli, to replace his last held title before his appointment as emir, Magajin Garin Zazzau.

The appointments of new traditional title holders, and the elevation of some existing title holders in the Emirate are as follows:

1. Malam Mansur Nuhu Bamalli has been elevated from the title of Barde Kerarriyan Zazzau to the Emir’s former title. He is now the New Magajin Garin Zazzau.

2. Member Representating Zaria Federal Constituency, Honourable Abbas Tajjuddeen has been appointed as the New Iyan Zazzau.

3. Malam Shehu Tijjani Àliyu Dan Sidi Bamalli Barden Kudun Zazzau District Head of Makera/Kakuri is now elevated to the title of BARDEN ZAZZAU.

4. Malam Abdulkarim Bashari Aminu a son of the Late Iyan Zazzau has been elevated from the title of Koguna Zazzau to Talban Zazzau.

5. Malam Buhari Ciroma Aminu has been appointed as the New Barde Kerarriyan Zazzau.

6. Alhaji Idris Ibrahim Idris Barden Zazzau has been elevated to the title of Sa’in Zazzau.

7. Alhaji Aminu Iya Saidu has been appointed as the New Kogunan Zazzau

8. Alhaji Bashir Abubakar a retired Assistant Controller General of Custom has been appointed as Barden Kudun Zazzau and

9. Justice Munnir Ladan who succeeded his Late Brother Dan Iyan Zazzau Alhaji Yusuf Ladan, a former district Head of Kabala, who now become the New Dan Iyan Zazzau.

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