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Poor School Enrolment At Unguwan Makafi, Area Of Bauchi Local Government

By Yahuza Yahaya

Recent research, conducted by UNICEF reveals that there are over ten million out of school children in Northern Nigeria, many of whom are between the ages of Five and Fifteen. According to the research Northeastern part of the country which comprises Gombe, Bauchi, Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Taraba State has the highest number of the population of out of school children. The research added that many girls in Northern Nigeria are forced out of school.

This article is aimed at identifying the reasons behind poor school enrolment at Unguwan Makafi area of Bauchi local government. The area is located at Bauchi local government, Dawaki ward to be specific. It has a population of over one thousand five hundred people according to the 2006 census, conducted by the National Population Commission. It is a remote area with virtually no infrastructure such as Schools, hospitals, good road network and portable drinking water. In terms of human development, there is almost nothing to write home about, looking at Hamid's philosophy of development that says “development is when people’s behavior, attitude and actions are different from animals".

It is important here to establish the view of the environment; the area is a settlement of remote houses that to some extent can be described as dilapidated, the location is poorly planned such that there is absence of a well designed drainage system, also there is no designated place for dumping refuse. This leads to dumping recklessly anywhere, which is inimical to personal cleanliness and hygiene. One can attest to the fact that most of the children and even most adults in the area have no patronage for personal hygiene and cleanliness, children are roaming the street with dirty cloth, without shoes. At the time when many children from other areas are preparing to go to school, children in that area are out to guide beggars. 

Education being a background or a key to success; however it is also a process where an individual gets training and acquires experience. But in that community, the level of uneducated people supersedes the number of educated people. At the time governments at all levels were battling with Poor school enrolment, Unguwan Makafi area of Dawaki ward Bauchi LGA, Bauchi state was unfortunately lagging behind.

It is a known fact that any society that is educated  is regarded as society that is on the track of development. And for sure that society must be quite different from society that is uneducated. Poor school enrollment in the Unguwan Makafi area is an issue that generates a number of problems that turn the community into one that has no focus. The residents of the community seem to have no future ambition.

In addition, due to the high level of illiteracy in the community even the interactions between members of the community can, absolutely, not be compared to how educated or literate people do. Morality which is seen as the building block of any society or way in which a responsible community is identified is absent. The residents of the area do exhibit any form of irresponsible act such as thuggery, drug abuse, fornication, among others.

For the aforementioned issues to be adequately addressed, there is a need for vigorous campaigns aimed at creating awareness on the need to put Education as the topmost priority. Mobilization and involvement of stakeholders in addressing the problem is also necessary

Moreover, the few schools in existence must be provided with enough of learning facilities to make the process conducive and friendly. Empowering women and vulnerable persons such as blind and low income earners will as well contribute profitably. It is expected that this write-up will pave the way for significant change; the negative attitude of the residents of the community of not enrolling their children into school will be a history. I must make it clear this is only possible when government and wealthy individuals intervene physically and financially.

Yahuza Yahaya writes from the Mass Communication Department, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi.


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