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Senior Military Officers Retire As Buhari Make Their Juniors Service Chiefs


Forty-five senior Nigerian military officers from the army, navy, and air force, have tendered their retirement letters, Daily Sun reports. 

The decision was necessitated by the recent appointment of course mates and junior officers as service chiefs by President Muhammadu Buhari, Peoples Gazette learnt. 

The online newspaper reports that the majority of the retired officers are between the rank of major general and brigadier-general and members of the regular course 33-35 from the Nigerian Defence Academy. 

The newspaper noted that the retirement letters were addressed to the former service chiefs. 

The Gazette learnt that the Nigerian military has a habit of promoting junior officers above their seniors, thereby forcing the latter to ask to be retired. 

Daily sun on Thursday said the army had 25 officers going on retirement, the navy had 13 officers, and the air force, less than 10 officers. 

“The issue of retirement is our tradition in the military. You know, most times officers pay compliments to their seniors they surpassed their ranks. Now that Course 35 has been made the chief, it is possible that there are some Course 33 and 34 that are still brigadier-generals.  

“It could happen and you will see the major generals paying compliments to his senior because once he is your senior, he continues to be your senior for life. Even those who retire as colonels, major generals would see them and pay them compliments and they continue in retirement. So, it’s a tradition. So far it has continued,” a retired service chief told Daily Trust. 

However, he added, “But I know that few senior officers said they are willing to continue since the officers are going to be promoted above the rank so they are going to be senior to all those their senior and mates.” 

The Gazette on Monday reported the sack of former service chiefs and the appointment of new ones by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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