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#UgandaDecides: This Election Is The Fairest Since 1962, Museveni Says

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni says the just concluded presidential election may be referred to as the freest since the country’s independence in 1962, NTV Uganda reports. 

Mr. Museveni who has held on to power for 34 years was on Saturday declared winner of the elections for his sixth term on the platform of his party the National Resistance Movement, NRM.

“I think this may turn out to be the most ‘cheating free’ election since 1962. Issues like underage voting, ballot stuffing and multiple voting were the biggest problems. The biometric voter registration machines helped solved this issue.”

Contrary to Mr. Museveni though, there were widespread report of failure of electronic voting machines and manual voting was depl severally.

Many local civil activists and international election observer groups said the elections suffered irregularities and the process was marred with bloody violence, state repression and stifling of opposition.

Leading opposition candidate, Robert Kyagunlanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine, has rejected the result of the elections. He urged Ugandans to do the same. 

According to Bobi Wine, he won the election by far and President Museveni is just trying to impose himself and his ‘clique of oppressors’ on the people. 

In reaction to Bobi Wine’s call, Mr. Museveni said he would ‘deal decisively’ with anyone found disrupting the peace of Uganda.
“Any attempt at disruption will be decisively defeated. I have been monitoring through intelligence the plans of some people. If anyone dares to disrupt our peace, we will deal with him or her decisively,” he said. 

It is not immediately clear how the opposition would challenge the results although Bobi Wine has assured that unlike President Museveni, their actions would be within the ambits of the law.

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