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Alleged Fraud: Katsina State Drags Mahadi Shehu To Court

                             Mahdi Shehu

Katsina State Government has stated it plans to file a case of alleged cybercrime against Kaduna- based business mogul, Mahadi Shehu on Thursday.

Shehu will be charged at The Federal High Court for allegedly making false allegations of fraud and embezzlement of public funds against the Katsina State Government. 

Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Ahmad Usman El-Marzuq, told newsmen the decision to drag Mahadi to court was to clear the name and integrity of the State Government as well as put the records straight before the public

He said: ’’We intend to protect the integrity of the state government, which has been elected by the people, we cannot sit back and watch our image being tarnished by false allegations of embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds’’

‘’our integrity is at stake. Even when an institution that felt slandered by unfounded allegations of such kind reserves the legal right to seek redress in court, so does the Katsina state government.  

‘’We are filing the charges at the Federal High Court because the charges are based on ‘’cyber crimes’’ and it is only the FHC that has the jurisdiction to hear such cases.’’

The Attorney General added: “Investigations discovered that the allegations were unfounded, documents tendered were forged including the Governor’s signature and bank figures that were quoted were nonexistent’’

‘’Mahadi was bailed on self-recognition and since then had continued to jump bail and had since remained evasive to the Police.’’

The Nation recalled Shehu, a Katsina Indigen based in Kaduna, had made serious allegations of fraud and embezzlement of public funds through various media against the State Government in June 2020.

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