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Burutai: An Ambassador of Death

                   By Hassan A Karofi

I was with him in Jigawa for the 25th- anniversary golf tournament in honor of the Emir of Dutse, Dr. Muhammadu Nuhu Sanusi, a day before the Zaria massacre.

When I saw him in the night, at the Emir of Dutse goal coast during the pre-tournament dinner, over ten armored tanks and propeller gun battle vans escorted the CAOS to a civilian celebration; something seems to be suspense.

I was surprised at the weaponization of his presence as everyone who was there was. Unknown to many, he has a mission to exterminate over 1000 children, infants, women, the elderly, and many well educated young Nigerians who gathered in Zaria to celebrate the Holy Prophet Muhammad's birthday SAWA.

A few weeks before then, President Muhammadu Buhari was in Saudi Arabia and selected northern Governors to discuss Islamic Development Bank's multi-billion dollar grant to 19 northern states.

One of the conditions, publicly bragged by Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, was to curtail the so-called growing influence of The Islamic Republic of Iran in Nigeria.

To actualize these conditions, these Governors agreed to introduce measures against Shi'i Islam, seen as loyal to the Iranian government and allegedly a proxy to the Islamic Iran.

Shortly after the meeting with Saudi officials, the Nigerian government, with the collaboration of northern Governors, launched a massive anti- Shiism crusade, with General Buratai as the executor in chief.

Governor Nasiru El: Rufa'i, who shed tears at the colossal death he saw in Zaria when he visited, was to quickly become the Chief Executive policymaker leading the rest of the northern Governors in extermination, through murder, the followers of Ahlulbait in Nigeria.

Although many Governors were to later developed cold feet after witnessing the scale of killings, many states across the northern using the police and the army had already engaged in extrajudicial killings that saw to the murder of hundreds of innocent lives.

These gruesome murders saw personnel loss of over five nephews and cousins and four other children of a friend.

On the fateful deadly day in Zaria, General Burutai led his army of death to commit the biggest official massacre ever in Nigeria's history during peacetime.

Blood gushing so much that a serving General of the Nigerian army testified that he has never seen such bloodletting in his entire military career. He said this at the Kangaroo Commission of Inquiry set up by Governor Nasiru Elrufai.

Five years after, President Buhari, who defended the massacre, was forced to relive General Burutai and others after five longest incompetent leadership ever led by an Army Chief.

But, because of the agreement signed in Saudi Arabia, which was publicly attested to by Prince Muhammad Bin Salman in Germany, during an official visit in 2018, PMB was forced to continue to protect the Chief murderer, a reason he has kept him as COAS from the onset.

As an ambassador, General Burutai might be able to enjoy immunity while he was on service, but that cannot protect him from facing justice for the murder in Zaria either in this world or when we all return to our creator. Unless if his protector, General Muhammadu Buhari, has control over affairs in the hereafter.

Hassan A Karofi

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