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Jigawa LG Proposes Bill To Ban Outrageous ‘Lefe’, Other Marriage Expenses

Trousseau gifts (Lefe), picture used for illustration

The Gumel Local Government Council of Jigawa State has proposed a bill to ban outrageous Trousseau gifts, popularly known as ‘Kayan Lefe’, and other marriage expenses in the area.

DAILY NIGERIAN reports that the bill was initiated by the Chairman of the local government area, Aminu Sani, on February 10 in a bid to prohibit certain marriage practices and control unnecessary expenses.
According to the document obtained by DAILY NIGERIAN on Wednesday, the law shall only be applied to Islamic marriages in the Gumel Area Council.

The bill also sought to ban some traditions which include betrothal gifts (Kayan na gani inaso).

For the trousseau gift, the bill said only 6 items shall be presented to the bride in a box, as against the usual tradition of multiple boxes filled with materials.

The items, according to the bill, are: six clothes or apparels, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 sets of earrings with necklaces, 3 pieces of veils or hijabs, 3 pieces of head-tie, and 2 sets of cosmetics.

“Where the groom is paying money equivalent of trousseau gift, the amount shall not exceed N100,000,” the chairman proposed.

The bill stated that no item should be presented to the bride’s family for wedding date fixing, (Kayan sa rana), adding that all wedding ceremonies should take place between the hours of 6am to 6pm.

Conveyance of the bride (Kai amarya) should take place within the said hours, the bill said.

“Motorcade of more than three cars during conveyance of the bride is prohibited, wedding present (Gara) by the bride’s family to the groom is prohibited and all alien ceremonies including Arabian Night or Day, Fulani Night or Day and Kauyawa Night or Day are also banned,” the bill proposed.

In the bill, musicals that allow indiscriminate mingling of males and females and horse riding during wedding ceremonies without obtaining written permission from the Gumel Emirate Council are strictly prohibited.
According to the bill, whoever contravenes any of the provisions of the bill shall be imprisoned or fined N50,000.

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