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On The Dualization Bauchi-Kano Road To Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport

Governor of Bauchi State Bala Muhammad Kaura

By Daure David

Governor Bala Kaura Legacy is glowing that even the opposition can substantiate.

Here is some of the justification to why I respect Gov Bala.

He has done more than any past Administration today to transform the infrastructural aspect of Bauchi state for future and posterity. 

I remember when we supported him and got elected in 2019. I jotted down and said he may have his shortcoming as a leader, but one thing I am optimistic about is he will not let us down. 

Gov Bala Mohd has his imperfection like every human, but one thing I know is, he will not be a total failure compared to our immediate past administrator.

It's a fact that Gov Bala has virtually touched Bauchi in many aspects of governance. Though I still believe some areas need to be addressed and be given more priority such as payment of pension, gratuity and human development too.

I am don't want to be a praise singer at all times. That is the more reason I will always constructively criticise his administration in areas they go wrong and in areas, I think he needs to improve for the people to judge his performance fairly. And also because I want the best out of Gov Bala administration. 

We all have the right to fault his administration in some areas, but we can hide from facts that in reality, his performance in infrastructural development is gleaming.

I hope he will overcome those challenges as soon as possible, more especially in those areas the masses perceive he's not doing satisfactorily. I am Wishing you all the Excellency sir.

Daure David

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