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Senate Committee Holds Investigative Hearing On Impact Of 5G On Nigerians

Senate Committee on Communications on Thursday held an investigative hearing on the present status of the 5G Network in Nigeria and its technological impact on citizens.

In his contribution, the Minister of Communications, Isa Ali Pantami, said indeed the Ministry conducted the first trial of 5G in Nigeria on 25th September 2019.

Pantami said the Ministry has also conducted research on 5G and the report which has been concluded will be submitted to the executive to create a policy framework for the country.

He added that the Federal Government is neutral and objective and would not deploy any technology which would jeopardize the safety of Nigerians.

On concerns of the negative impact of 5G on the health of Nigerians, he said the investigation did not show any negative impact.

According to the Minister, radiations from 4G and microwave are more harmful than 5G.

A representative of the office of National Security Adviser, Dr Bala Fakandu, said there is no approval for the deployment of 5G in Nigeria.

He, however, reiterates the position of the Ministry of Communications saying investigations have shown that 5G poses no hazards to public health.

His concern is the national security risk as he says the deployment of 5G will come with different equipment which could create back doors to encourage eaves-dropping and cyber-attacks by malicious actors.

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