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We’ll Continue Free Zakzaky Protest Until Our Leader, Wife Are Released —Shiites

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), on Monday, vowed to continue the protest to demand the release of their leader, Sheik Ibraheem Zakzaky, and his wife, Zeenah.

The Secretary of Academic Forum of IMN, Abdullahi Muhammad Musa, stated this during another round of protest on Monday that kicked off at Banex Plaza and ended peacefully at Banex Junction in Abuja.

Musa, who spoke to the media, said it was disheartening that the present government “is gradually turning this country into a police state as police brutality has grown into day-to-day occurrence, and police want to make it the new normal with outrageously blatant human rights infringement and violation.”

The secretary, who said people are being denied their right to peaceful protest with police brutality, described a protest as “means for the citizenry to voice their grievances.”

“Aggrieved citizens can’t even protest without a glitch from security agents. The citizens are not allowed to demand for what has been denied them.

“For instance, on Monday, 25th January, 2021, police operatives attacked the daily free-Zakzaky protest, a match through the Federal Secretariat, teargassing and shooting live ammunitions, carting away 6 protesters; 4 males and 2 females, at the end.

“On Tuesday 26th January, 2021, police waylaid protesters at the crossroads of Transcorp Hilton, with the match from National Human Rights Commission.

“They shot many tear-gas canisters indiscriminately, dousing their victims with the gas, before bullets started flying all around.

“Yunusa Abdulsalam from Kaduna State and  Muhammad Kabeer from Kano State were confirmed death. Muhammad Kabeer’ s body still with the police.

“They seriously maimed numerous protesters; critical gunshot injuries needing urgent treatment were glaring.

“Unfortunately, these victims, with every likelihood, may not even receive the medical or  surgical treatment their condition required, only to be taken to, and equally be dumped, at the SWAT headquarters. They should be released.

“On Wednesday 27th January, 2021, a peaceful free Zakzaky protest kicked started at Banex plaza and ended peacefully at Banex Junction before the arrival of the police but as the protesters were dispersing then the police arrived and started shooting under the bridge and they shot one Hassan Muhammad from Niger State on his tommy. He is now receiving treatment.
“Again on Thursday 28th January, 2021, the police attacked another peaceful protest shooting life ammunition  and  teargasing at Area 1 shopping complex,” he narrated.

Musa said today’s protest ended peacefully because the officers of the Nigerian police could not meet them up due to heavy traffic at Ahamadu Bello Way in Abuja.

“What was the protesters’ offence? Their one and only offence, if there is at all, in the face of all sorts of tyranny as well as against all odds, they continue to demand the release of the most oppressed individual in the history of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem el-Zakzaky.

“He was beset with bullets in a deliberate attempt at his life, his wife survived the same vicious crackdown, and his six sons were killed before his naked eyes.

“Thus, if this daily protest is deemed as a slap on the tyranny and persecution wrist, let our leader be released immediately and unconditionally, just before a slap in the face.

“We will continue to protest in Abuja until the Buhari regime free him and his wife unconditionally,” he stated.

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