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Two Factions Of African Action Congress Clash At INEC Headquarters

               Sowore leads the AAC faction protest

Two factions of the African Action Congress, have clashed at the National National Headquarters, of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Abuja.

One of the factions is led by social activist, Omoyele Sowore, while the second faction is led by Dr. Leonard Ezenwa.

The Sowore faction on Monday staged a protest at the commission over an alleged imposition of leadership on the party which he claimed was formed by him in 2018.

He told the representative of the party who came out to attend to them that “I was the one who registered this party in 2018, I collected the certificate it is still with me in your office at the conference room.

“You now see the party viable to give to another person because this is what you used to do, and nobody challenges you.

“When we went to court, the people who are involved did not do anything”.

He (Sowore) accused  INEC and the Federal Government of meddling in the activities of the party.

“Let us not forget that it is not only INEC that is engaged in corruption and fraud, our security agencies are also involved in the rigging of election and fraud, particularly our friends at the DSS.

“The army, police are always involved in the rigging of elections, so our conversation is only about INEC”.

AAC party calls for reforms, protest at INEC headquarters

Mr. Sowore noted that his party is the only revolutionary party in Nigeria, which is why the government is trying to silence the party by imposing people who will do their bidding as again at the vision of the party.

He also disclosed that five members of his faction who had arrived at the venue of the protest were said to have been arrested by security personnel.

Sowore demanded for the immediate release of those apprehended just as the faction presented a representative of INEC with its letter of protest, giving the electoral body seven days ultimatum to address their concerns.

There was however drama when another faction of the AAC led by Leonard Ezenwa arrived at the scene of the protest, carrying placards.

A faction of Leonard Ezenwa carry banners with inscriptions saying Sowore was expelled from the party 

The group was chanting against the Sowore faction, a development that led to the groups exchanging words and engaging in a brawl.

According to Mr. Ezenwa Sowore has been expelled from the party due to anti-party activities he has engaged in.

He also accused Sowore of siphoning the party’s fund.

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