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Boko Haram Abducted My Daughter When She Was 18yrs, Now She Is Almost 25 In Captivity –Mother Cries

The 2014 abduction of Chibok School Girls still remains a nightmare to some parents who are still hoping and praying that their Children will regain their freedom one day. The incident happened 7 years ago and since then, roughly 112 girls are still in Boko Haram’s captivity. The incident happened on the 14th of April which means that today is the 7th year anniversary of the kidnap school girls.

As Nigerians plead Government to find a way to help these children regain their freedom after spending 7 years in captivity, one of the victims’ mother, Rebecca Samuel narrates what she has been passing through since her daughter was kidnapped 7 years ago. During an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the mother couldn’t hold back her tears as she revealed that her entire life lost meaning since the day her daughter, Sarah Samuel was kidnapped by the Bandits about 7 years ago.

The poor woman says that some times, she would just imagine the kind of pain/turture that her daughter must be going through in the Boko Haram’s captivity. Every time she remembers this, she says that she instantly loses her appetite.

One can Imagine the kind of pain and agony this woman must be going through. She has been waking up and sleeping for the past 7 years thinking that one day her daughter would return back home. Her daughter who was kidnapped when she was 18 years has almost turned 25 years old in captivity.

She was abducted as a teenager and only God knows what she would have become after spending 7 years in captivity.

The mother says that even though she has not seen her daughter for the past 7 years, she was able to make a contact with her recently through the last 83 students that were rescued. The mother said that her daughter wrote a diary and sent it to her via the girls that were rescued.

She said it is that diary that has been keeping the memories of her daughter alive in her head. She was hoping that her daughter would even be included among the last batch that was rescued but unfortunately, it was only her daughter’s diary that she got.

Rebbeca says that she has been praying everyday that Government should negotiate to get the remaining girls numbering up to 112 back from captivity as they have spent 7 years in bondage.

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