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Victims Of Terrorism Attacks Deserves Better Treatment-Group — Africa Daily News

A group 'BE A BUILDER OF A SECURE NATION' under aegis of the Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection has said the all the victims of terrorism attacked and oppression from Borno, Katsina, Kaduna, Niger, Benue EndSARS brutality, Shia Muslims and Eastern region are presently in difficult situation and they deserves a better treatment, compensation and protection from the government.

The group in a statement jointly signed by Halima Bukar , Mable Bremah , Godwin Ekoja said that Nigerians has been living in untold hardship caused by terrorism and oppressions. Lives and properties are being lost day by day.  

"We live in an unprecedented era, an era where humans are fast reverting to their primitive barbaric natures. As you’d agree, streets of our towns and villages are awash with blood. This has in turn led to great suffering, dejection, and even more terror.

"Earlier, it was a group of people termed ‘Boko-Haram,’ who were said to detest contemporary education. But then, contrary to the portrayed image of this seemingly phantom terrorist group, their attacks spread to worship centers, markets and innocent gatherings, evoking suspicions from critical thinkers.

"These attacks have greatly affected the Nigerian populace, both directly and indirectly. The worst hit region can be said to be North-Eastern Nigeria but the attacks have, over the years, affected many groups of different ethnicities and religions.

"As realization began to dawn on the rational minded, other ‘terrorist’ movements reared their ugly head – bandits and kidnappers took the country by storm.

"Sadly, not only that these ‘terrorist’ groups perpetrate injustice or attack innocent civilians for no just cause, but some devoted police officers and soldiers have also been attacked by those criminal elements. However, our armed forces, especially the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police Force, have repeatedly attacked peaceful civilians and gunned down the few who dared to challenge such actions. For instance, the incident between Army and Shia Muslims in Kaduna, Lekki shootings, and others," the statement read.

The group therefore call on Nigerians to put aside sentiment and self-centered interests and rise to make our voices heard. Every one has a duty to discharge for the betterment of our only country , Nigeria.

We the civilian citizens , the soldiers , the police , the politicians have a great role to play in restoring  a peaceful and progressive Nigeria.

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