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Insecurity Has Worsened, We Are Now Living In A Glorified Prison Under Buhari —Senator Ali Ndume

“The problem we are facing in Borno and to some extent, in Yobe and Adamawa is the insurgency is resurging again and that is a matter of concern”.

“Last week 30 soldiers were killed in Mainok. On the highway, yesterday, just 30km from Maiduguri the town was overrun by Boko Haram. it took concerted effort of the armed forces but we lost a major and two soldiers. In Rann Local Government the same thing happened.

“In Maiduguri we live in more or less a glorified prison but it is safe, infact safer that most places. From 4pm or 5pm you cannot go in or come out. It is only one road that leads in to Borno State.There is only one entry and exit that is Maidugri to Damaturu which lead us to the Kano Road.

“Inside Maiduguri you can sleep with your two eyes closed. Though we don’t have light, so even if you don’t close your eyes you will be in darkness.

“Its not funny, people are talking here because people have minimum comfort in this country. In Maiduguri or Borno State, we are talking about security, that is what you are worried about.

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