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RTEAN Launches Travelers Accident Insurance Scheme (TAIS) — Africa Daily News

The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) has introduce Travelers Accident Insurance Scheme (TAIS), which is targeted to benefit Millions of Nigerians who travel across the country from our Motor parks and garages, and incidentally have an accident which required emergency response towards medical attention.

This is part of the association social responsibility to assist, support and give confidence to commuters and to improve the system of transportation in this country.

The RTEAN National  President Alhaji Musa Muhammed Maitakobi stateted this in a statement I Abuja on the occasion of 2021 workers day celebration. the statement reads

“Indeed we are mindful of our establishment which is to originate, co- ordinate, Advice, support, and reform the transportation industry of this country which we are already on course.

The importance of Road Transportation cannot be over emphasized, the social life inter-dependence and job creation to millions of Nigerians depend on transportation as a source of their livelihood and we are ready to do more, and this programme can create huge employment opportunities. We support the Federal Government Initiative to reduce the zero carbon emission. We therefore encourage the use of CNG, LNG and other source of energy that will be environmental friendly.

The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) is a registered trade union that represents the interest of all employers in the transport sectors. We are the parent umbrella of all transport unions and Associations in Nigeria, as amended by decree 1 of 1999 under the Senior Staff/Employers Association. The Association is made up of responsible personalities in the society.

The goal of the scheme is to save lives and reduce the burden of morbidity and mortality resulting from road traffic accidents”.

It also explain, “This idea was conceived by our Association as a corporate and social responsibility to our passengers who travel through our facilities nationwide. The scheme was conceived when we discovered that some accident victims die just because they could not afford hospital fees deposit when taken to the nearest hospital from the scene of the accident. As a result, the Association decided to offset at least the initial hospital bill before the victims’ relatives come to their rescue. To ensure the effectiveness of the scheme, we are working with our partners in setting up an electronic passenger manifest that will be stored on our database. The Heritage Bank Plc is providing support through our partner Management Impact to procure equipment for this project”.

“The roles of the motorists in the movement of goods and services in an economy cannot be overemphasized, hence RTEAN is actively involved in educating our members towards

safe driving.

Our duty is to make our members see driving as a profession of professionals and a sport to enjoy and not only a money making venture. This helps them apply caution, maintain vehicles when due and obey traffic regulations on the highways.

Our dream through this project is to seek collaboration with all the international and government agencies present here towards supporting the scheme and other projects which may be beneficial to mankind.

I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate the SGF, Honorable Ministers, Directors-General here present, Chairman Heritage Bank and his team, WHO Representative, USAID etc for sparing their time to attend this occasion”.

“In this juncture we are calling on Federal Government for the establishment of Bank of Transportation as well as to privatize the Federal Roads, for private investors to come in, so that the budget for the Road Construction can be diverted to other prevailing matters that affect the country.

I also appeal to our  members across the country to always be law   abiding, support the government to improve the security of this country, as well as to obey Covid-19 guide lines in all their area of operations.

Today we have fulfilled one of our obligation as mentioned in our constitution Article 3g.. to insure complete welfare of the passenger and the safety of his life means a lot to his family and the Nation.

“we care for you”

Ealier in his remarks the Vice Chairman senate committee on Transport, Senator Nicholas Tofowomo urged government at all levels to wake up, and do the needful to improve land transport by rebuiding the sector, so that  passengers welfare would be taken care of while they are on transit to their various destinations, adding  that the government should wake up, let us rebuild our land transport so that we can support this travellers Accidents insurance Scheme which will make life easier for Nigerian.

Also Senator Nicholas Tofowomo assured Stakeholders of the transport sector that before the end of May 2021 he would sponsor a Bill for travellers Accident Insurance Scheme to give it legal backing, so that the beneficiaries would have total confidence in it.

Finally Senator Tofowomo appreciated the efforts of RTEAN National President and described him as Land transport reformer.

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