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Take Battle To IPOB Agitators And Kill All Of Them, Don't Wait For Them To Come - IGP Orders Officers

The acting Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba Alkali, has declared war on Biafra agitators, and has ordered police officers in the South-East region to take the battle to the doorsteps of IPOB agitators and destroy all of them.

The IGP said this while addressing the Police Mobile Force and Special Tactical Squad of the Police Force in Enugu after he launched Operation Restore Peace. He told police officers in the South-East region not to adhere to the rules of engagement when dealing with the IPOB agitators, and assured them that his duty is to protect them.

He told them to destroy the Biafra secessionists, and that they should not mind what the media will say, and should not mind anybody that will accuse them of human rights violation. He said that such a report will get to his table first, and of course they know what he will do when that happens. So he said that they should take the battle to them wherever they are and kill all of them, and they should not wait for orders. 

He said that President Buhari has ordered that anybody seen with an AK-47 should be shot at first sight, so what other order are they waiting for again. He said that even a dead police officer can be tried and dismissed from the force, and if such happens, the family of the officer will not be paid his benefits.

He told them not to sit and wait for the Biafra agitators to come and attack them, but they should strike them first, and they should not lose their weapons to them

The South-East region has been rocked by tensions following the attacks of gunmen in the region. Police stations and security operatives have become soft targets for the gunmen, and IPOB/ESN members have been fingered in most of the attacks. Several police stations have been burnt in the region by the gunmen and several police officers killed.

Several weeks ago, a joint operation of security operatives had neutralized the ESN commander Ikonso. A few weeks ago, the Nigerian Army announced that it has arrested another ESN top commander, and that he was the second in command to the neutralized Ikonso. This demonstrated how determined the security operatives are to deal with the Biafra elements who have been causing mayhem in the South-East region.

With this new order from the IGP, the IGP is making it clear that there should be no hiding place for the Biafra agitators, and that the officers should take the battle to them and make sure they are all exterminated.

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