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Even If You Hate Gov Sule, You Will Give Him Credit On Security — Africa Daily News

"For me if I want to assess Governor Sule I will start from whether there is an enabling environment for him to even put those things he plan in place, we all agreed where security is in Nigeria today. 

"Nasarawa State is not left out. This state is one of the key states in Nigeria in terms of security, Toto particularly. 

"I will say 18 months ago you won’t be able to come here, if anybody tell you to go and mine or pick gold on the street of Toto. People were not coming because of insecurity but we clearly saw the efforts of the governor and today people are coming in, people are celebrating sallah. 

"It is one thing even if you are his enemy you will give him credit for this one so if you want to measure him in other things you will have to begin from there, that is the fundamental thing then he can take off from there He has his plans but again what he met on ground was probably not what he thought. 

"As long as security is concerned you don’t have anywhere you can isolate a state. If there is insecurity in a neighbouring state it is likely to catch up with your own state, we have had so many breaches around our neighbours and which has ended up affecting our own state here, I think it’s the first thing we need to look into. 

"If I will score him for me he has started on security to put measures in place a good environment for us to live  peacefully then we can talk about development once there is security." -Alh. Muhammed Musa Maikaya, Ciroma Toto

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