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Tens Of Thousands Of Motorcycle Ghieves Have Been Torturing Communities In Kubwa.

 The Kubwa Police Command in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, has arrested two motorcycle thieves in the Kubwa area.

 The robbers tried to kill the motorcyclist by hitting him in the middle of the head.

 Zuma Times  has received a report from the victims that the robbers tried to kill him, in order to flee his motorcycle.

 He told us: He was on his way when one of the robbers shook hands with me and told me that they had a patient and I should help them to take the patient to the hospital.  I told him that since he was sick, he would give me three hundred and three hundred. I said, "Only three hundred, I got down with all my might, and then they took the spear and ran away."  Bring me a pickup and the villagers will catch them, said the motorcyclist

 He added that the incident took place in Kukwaba lionshare but Alhamdulillahi now my motorcycle has come into my hands.  I want you to join us in prayer for this profession of ours because we are facing so many challenges

 They were abducted to the police station and later transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Abuja.

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