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There Is No Democracy, Rule Of Law In Nigeria, Says Group — Africa Daily News

The group knows as Be A BUILDER OF SECURE A NATION has said that there is no proper democracy procedures and rule of law in Nigeria.

In a statement signed by Halima Bukar, Muktar Muhammad Abdurrahman, Lawal Ahmad and Ekoja Godwin said that the state of affairs in Nigeria can best be described as a state of irony, with caricatures as ‘leaders’ and rules which are continuously bent and broken by the ‘elite’. 

The statement read, "The Irony best describes the action of our executives who debunk proper political procedures and embrace corruption.

"They puffed-up bravery of our armed forces which demonstrate their prowess on streets against unarmed military civilians while sponsored bandits and terrorists take over the towns and cities is also another bitter irony. Likewise, the attitude of the general populace in condemning the virtuous while elevating the sly criminals is another sour satire.

"For years now, it has become clear that the Nigerian system of governance is more or less a joke, as its democracy neither gives power nor liberty to the people. The innocent civilians are being blatantly denied their human rights, while those in power keep enriching themselves, safe from the commotion and starvation the masses are suffering from."

The group said that in Nigeria when the masses decide to unite and stand against the injustice and oppression by having peaceful protests, they are chased off the streets with bullets by security personnel who didn’t have the guts to go to real battlegrounds. It could be a conspiracy though, and the hunter might as well be the same as the hunted in Nigeria’s ‘fight against terrorism’.

 "As for the workers who embark on strikes, they’re threatened with ‘No-Work-No-Pay’ or even dismissal. Therefore, it’s becoming even harder to express grievances and having freedom of expression even though it’s supposed to be a ‘democratic’ government," 

They however said that Nigeria is already being tagged a third-world country with low national development and definitely doesn’t need a corrupt government and incompetent security operatives to add to its miseries. 

 "In Nigeria, it’s as if an excuse is sought to cause bloodshed for, in 2015, more than a thousand were killed by various inhuman ways just for a mere accusation of poking at an armed officer’s chest and ‘blocking his way’ in Zaria, Kaduna state.

"The so-called offence wasn’t investigated, nor were the culprits properly apprehended, giving even less credence to the already loose theory. 

"Instead, the armed officers open fire on the peaceful civilians, not only in the said vicinity but also at other locations occupied by citizens sharing the same progressive mindset as the initial victims.

In addition, hundreds have been detained unjustly over the years for unjustifiable causes, while money-laundering criminals in executive regalia move freely in air-conditioned vehicles. Among the numerous detainees who have been held against the law are Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, along with a number of their followers," the statement read.

They said that the respected Sheikh by many Nigerians has even been acquitted by a federal court in 2016 but is still being held captive at the Kaduna prison.

Another show of shamelessness is the attack of the June 12 protesters who only moved to exercise their rights and call for progressive change in the country. It’s a real pity that no security personnel were on hand to stop the kidnappings of numerous students and staff at the Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic in Zaria, but forces flooded the streets, armed to the teeth, to stop harmless civilians from making their voices heard.

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