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We Were Paid Between N1000 and N2000 To Counter June 12 Protest – Pro-Buhari Protester

A pro-Buhari protester has revealed that individuals in his group were paid between N1000 and N2000 to join demonstrations against the June 12 protest, which is going on in Abuja and several other cities across the country.

Abdul Yusuf, who was part of the pro-Buhari counter protest, stated this in a video published by Premium Times,

Speaking in Pidgin English, Yusuf said he was invited to Unity Fountain, the venue of the protest in Abuja, by one Mohammed Garuba.

“I dey for my area when they called me to come and protest. They promised to pay us N2000, some N1500 and N1000,” he said.

He added that he would not have put on the ‘#I STAND WITH BUHARI’ branded shirt he was wearing if he had not been promised money.

Hiring protesters to counter an ongoing protest has become a standard practice by government officials and politicians in Nigeria.

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