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BREAKING: Sheikh Abduljabbar Seriously Ill And Bleeding — Africa Daily News

Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara, Kano

The embattled Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara, the Kano based cleric that was recently arrested and detained by the state government is reported to be facing a serious health situation and is even bleeding.

The Sheikh who was placed in detention on Friday 16 July 2021 on charges of blasphemy and inciting the public has informed his lawyer of his condition which was confirmed by a medical consultant from a government hospital in the state.

Meanwhile, the Sheikh will undergo some tests before the exact ailment can be determined. However, he has been placed on some drugs by the health personnel to manage the situation, his lawyer Barrister Rabiu Abdullahi confirmed to newsmen in Kano, Wednesday night.

"Yes he is not healthy. He is in a serious health situation because he is even bleeding from the anus. 

"A medical personnel has confirmed that he is not healthy. He asked if he was having health issues before he was arrested and he said no. If he was diagnosed of stomach ulcer and he said nothing was wrong with him before his detention. He was also asked if he had ever had this type of bleeding before and he said he never experienced it in his life.

"The doctor then advised him on what to do and gave prescription of some drugs. This is pending the outcome of some tests that will confirm his exact condition" he stated.

Concerning whether they are suspecting any foul play from anywhere to get him eliminated, the lawyer said, "Even if there is any foul play we cannot say it because we have no proof. We only want the world to know what is happening and judge for themselves".

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  1. Subhanallah, Allah yashiga lamuransa

  2. Allah ya bashi lafiya kuma ya tona asirin azzalumai dan Nabiyurrahmati.

  3. Allah ya la'an ce shi. Kuma ya kara Masa mummunar rashin lafiya. Bawai ma shi kadaiba, ga dukkan Wanda ya ci zarafin Annabin mu Muhammad (SAW)da musulmi baki daya.