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Kano Agog As ZAURA Set To Bring Home The Bacon — Africa Daily News

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan 

In less than a month after the historic and eye-catching event that set Kano agog where he was officially welcomed to the ruling party with fanfare and assembly of the high and mighty wrapped with a mammoth crowd of party members and admirers from the nook and cranny of the state which impressively included the members of the opposition who openly displayed solidarity and acceptance of the man by instantly decamping to the ruling party, the level of the discussion that is solemnly centered on him is astronomical and frightening.

Who is the man? He is no one except the visionary Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura, popularly known as A. A. Zaura!

Let’s say this now – everyone that is familiar with the politics of Kano State – irrespective of the camp or block he belongs to, can bear me witness that nothing of this nature has ever been witnessed in the history of the party where a newcomer who is still at formative stages of rekindling his already formed structure and creating new alliances with other formidable politicians have overnight taken a center stage as the most talk about politicians in the miasma of other powerful heavyweight and influential politicians.

It is indeed heart-warming and an item of rejoicing for his terming followers and admirers who tripling on daily basis to notice and witness this outpouring of solidarity for the man they wholeheartedly believed in and rendering their massive support for his political journey with genuine eagerness and readymade tireless spirit to support his political aspirations in whatever capacity he may aspire to be. 

His rising profile in the political monarchy of the state is quite astonishing and a marvel to watch. As someone who is daily mixing up and associating with politicians from top to bottom, one can confidently beat his chest and unequivocally say it here, and now that the man is always been talked about with the majority perceived as someone who can rock the boat, and steal the show when the air of real politicking blossom and start to roll in full force. 

Most of the discussion revolves around the popularly perceived desire to contest for governorship election which he once attempted prior to his decision to withdraw and offered prearranged and secretive underground agreement with the present government to ditch his ambition and ordered his massive political supporters base to vote for the ruling party despite the existence of the party he singlehandedly nurtured with all the arsenals at his disposal. 

The political analysts believed that the extraordinarily gifted Zaura would once again renew his long-time desire and aspirations to govern the state. It is with deep conviction and a strong penchant for smelling what would later unfold in the political climate, that he would no doubt provide top-notch battle and prove hard nock to crack by any politician who would battle it out with him in picking the sole ticket of the most powerful seat in the state no matter the level of his experience, prolong period of party membership, fellowship, connection, financial might, or mastery of the act of politics. 

Not a meager number of people believed that the man – Zaura may have something up his sleeves that may spring unexpected blow and truncated every opponent – that may stand in his way. In fact, a colonoscopy of party members strongly believed the youthful innovative, visionary, and exceptional master of the game full of political acumen and sagacity may end up picking the ticket. 

No wonder an uncountable number of political groups and powerful blocks scramble, yearn and nurse the strong ambition to associate and identify with him, driven by zeal and unwavering desire to join his anticipated winning train on the journey to the rewarding destination. 

The knowledge of politics, its intriguing nature, and shenanigans of the people of the state is without any iota of doubt surpassed any other state in the federation. They are blessed with the gift of smelling what may unfold in any political game even before the actual battle commence. Their opinions would not be easily discarded or underrated.

Several factors can be attributed to these earthshaking revelations. The man in question, Zaura, is indeed a newly inducted member, but his antecedents speak for itself and moreover, a one-day member of any giving party bears no inferiority or suffer preference tendency or treatment to hundred years old member. For politics is a game of numbers and in such a scenario, Abdulkareem Zaura is no pushover. He has an astronomical number of fellowships in his kitty with an uncountable number waiting to be admitted.

Moreover, our modern-day politicians with exception of very few are solemnly in politics with the single purpose of grabbing a juicy position to establish a tidy flamboyant life of rich and glamour for themselves and their unborn generations at the detriment of terming masses who lined up to vote for them and entrusted their collective wealth to them to ensure their wellbeing, but instead, engage in squirreling everything away.

But our subject matter is self-made and strongly established financially with business investments across the globe. His wealth is driven by hard work, perseverance, and business acumen.  

As such, he is not a money-mongering Politicians looking for easy loot, but simply burning with unquenchable desire and zeal to occupy a position of political power to better the lives of people, transform their standards, and bequeath a legacy that would forever be remembered and cherish with awe. For he is a man who would ensure that a frond flourishes and luxuriates amidst thorns. 

Many believed that Alhaji Zaura would do the needful with undoubted belief and confidence that the humongous resources would be utilized for the betterment of the entire state. The humanitarian tendency he acquired is quite legendary. Just like our present governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, who has been globally recognized and acknowledged as an achiever going by the unprecedented developmental projects scattered across the state, A. A Zaura would no doubt prove to be a worthy successor that the latter would be proud of. 

It is an inner dream and aspiration of Governor Ganduje, just like any other achieving leader to bequeath the state with a man that would be taking a giant stride in developing the state in all sectors. 

Anyone who is familiar and abreast of the various political programs that fill our airwaves on daily basis through different independent radio stations is fully aware of the humanitarian gesture the man is extending to the entire people of the state irrespective of political affiliation or status. 

The world can tell how the man caters for the children of the poor, out of his own hard-earned money for the qualifying exams of their children with thousands of them benefitting from such unique gestures. And it is on record that the man would be given out twenty thousand naira to every pregnant woman admitted in the hospital who are in dare need of financial assistance through his excellence foundation; ‘A.A. Zaura Foundation.’

It is therefore not surprising for anyone who witnesses such a rapid and astronomical political profile of Mr. Zaura, who has for long been doing unusual, uncommon things and being very modest about it. 

Despite the fact he has not yet declared his ambition or aspirations public, many top shots, and even little-known and unknown party members have made their assessment and hypothetically concluded that he is all set to join the race for those seeking to be the gubernatorial candidates of the party.

It is quite amazing, astonishing, and delightful to watch how the political game would be play in regards to the 2023 election, for it would predictably turn out to be tense, nerve-racking, entertaining, dramatic with twists and turn associate with political shenanigans and gimmicks. But whatever would unfold, Zaura is generally been perceived to be a lion that is ready to roar. 

Those who are closed to him or made personal interaction would discover that the much pronounced and talk about a politician in Kano is just like the man next door. Humble, generous, simple-minded, and self-effacing.

Many may be taken aback if they are told that despite the way his name is spreading like a wildfire on state political horizon, the man has not even declared an hour interview since his official defection to the ruling party. 

Despite his silent and calculative disposition towards the political climate raging the state, the man is daily putting a smile on the face of browbeaten and rendering unprecedented support to the administration in various fields both known and unknown. But the naked reality and uncontested fact are that everyone knows that the Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura is indeed set to hit a home run with a new format!

Ahlan is a lecturer at the Sa'adatu Rimi College of Education Kano, he wrote in from Kano.

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