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2023: Adeosun Urges Rotational Presidency Based On Merit

Buhari and Osinbajo

The Chairman of Akinjide Adeosun Foundation (AAF), Akinjide Adeosun, says there is a need to emphasise merit in choosing who becomes Nigeria’s president in 2023 rather than focus on ethnic or religious bias.

Mr Adeosun stated this on the sideline of the AAF Year 6 Colloquium in Lagos.

“On rotational presidency, Nigeria should swing the pendulum towards meritocracy. We need a visionary leader irrespective of the tribe to pilot our affairs,” he stated. “Multinationals do not consider nationality when developing talents and placing talents in leadership positions.”

According to him, the country does not need a brand new constitution.

But he acknowledged that “we may amend the current to correct some anomalies,” adding that Lagos and Rivers “are performing excellently in infrastructural development under this same constitution.”

Mr Adeosun further recommended that sub-nationals take 80 per cent of their resources and contribute 20 per cent to the federal government. He said this would make states creative and stop the monthly craving for Abuja money.

On creating state police, he said, “We must be careful not to create another problem because of a perceived problem. If we allow state police in Nigeria, don’t be surprised if Nigerians in the future start asking for state army, state airforce and state navy.”

He further suggested the constitution’s amendment to allow guards of private security companies (similar to South Africa) and regional security networks to carry arms.
“If you have the best constitution with a flawed leadership, we will not develop,’’ said Mr Adeosun.

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