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Controversy As Abba Kyari Deletes Facebook Post Denying Hushpuppi Bribe

Suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari has deleted a Facebook post of his statement denying taking a bribe from Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi.

The Nation reports Hushpuppi had alleged he gave Kyari money to jail the rival after a dispute over a $1.1 million scam on Qatari businesspeople.

But Kyari denied, saying he never collected or demanded money from Hushpuppi.

Kyari had released a statement on his authentic Facebook page narrating how he only connected the Hushpuppi to a fabric dealer whom the latter paid about N300, 000.

He also edited his statement to further include another money-related case he handled involving Hushpuppi.

But he deleted where he had earlier claimed to have linked Hushpuppi up with his tailor.

“Nobody demanded or collected any money from Abbas Hushpuppi. He can be interviewed publicly in the presence of world media by the people holding him to confirm this,” the now-deleted version reads.

“He also called for another case in June 2020 and complained about a financial transaction with a second person whom he said his friend sent 8 million naira to and pleaded for his friend’s money to be recovered.

“He sent transaction slips and other evidences to prove their case against the person all these can be verified from the Hushpuppi since he is still in custody.

“And it can be verified from the person who collected the 8 million naira from Hushpuppi’s friend whom they complained about is alive and is in Nigeria.

“Generally whatever investigation steps/tactics that is being taken in most cases especially on the parties in this type of case from January to June is not for public consumption. This is the true story,” he had said.

Checks by The Nation on Wednesday indicate that the embattled cop had edited the post severally and subsequently took down the full statement.

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