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Kano Hisbah Bans Sharing Of Buhari Son, Wife’s Wedding Photos Online

Zahrah, Yusuf, and Harun Ibn-Sina

The Kano State Hisbah Board has prohibited the sharing of pre-wedding photos of the daughter of Emir of Kano Zahrah Bayero, saying it is a sin. 

Pre-wedding photos showing exposed shoulders of Ms Zahrah has elicited much criticism for Hisbah, a religious police known for sanctioning people for ‘immoral behaviours.’

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, the Kano Commander General of Hisbah, Harun Ibn-Sina, said the Emir’s daughter is not above the law, and failed to set a good example to other Muslims.

According to the BBC Pidgin, the religious police chief said those Muslims sharing the Emir daughter’s wedding photos and videos have sinned.

“Hisbah boss Sheik Harun Ibn Sina say di Emir daughter na muslim wey no dey above di law and suppose lead by example if she wan blessings for her marriage. 

“Di Hisbah boss also criticise pipo wey dey share di fotos and videos from di event saying na sin to share di materials,” BBC Pidgin reported. 

Before now, Hisbah had banned tailors, supermarkets and boutique owners from using mannequins to display clothes in the state. In June, the religious police arrested 40 teenagers for selling condoms and Marijuana in Kano.

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