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The Road To Nigeristan, By Hassan Gimba — Africa Daily News

Dr, Hassan Gimba

Again, this Monday, as we do now and then, we are giving our social media followers the opportunity to voice out their minds on what we have been writing. Thank you.

Ibekwe Spinoza Nonyerem

The treatment of the surrendered boko haram combatants will follow Geneva convention if they are classified as prisoners of war. It is difficult but government cannot be seen to be killing surrendered combatants.


Bashir Umar

Nice Quote.

Caxton Patience

A very wonderful piece. I pray we hearken to this advice. Kudos to you sir!


Abdulmalik Bala Haruna

Allah ƙara Basira, the message have been passed.

Obinna Iheonu

I strongly disagree that none of the nationalities can survive outside Nigeria.

That conclusion can only apply to people who have an entitlement mentality and are irresponsible. These nationalities survived during the Pre-colonial and during the colonial era independently until the amalgamation in 1914.

I think the focus/policies should be on what the government should be doing to encourage unity in diversity rather than the current enforced unity that is encouraging savagery and entitlement mentality.

Such policies should include equity, justice, equality, abolition of quota system, state of origin and federal character. Let states be competitive and creative by removing VAT collection from firs.

The use of electronic transmission of results as a control over the manual collation of results, at federal, state and political party level, will encourage technocrats to be involved in politics for better outcomes.

Bilyaminu Bala Yahya

Kudos Sir, for analyzing and digesting the Afghanistan current state of affairs expertly. Indeed there are so many lessons for Nigerians to learn from the Afghanistan case.

Dr Yusuf Ilyasu

Good work Dr.

Ibekwe Spinoza Nonyerem

This is stimulating. The treatment of the surrendered Boko Haram combatants will follow Geneva Convention if they are classified as prisoners of war. It is difficult but government cannot be seen to be killing surrendered combatants in total disregard to international conventions.


Raymond Gukas

"How can tomorrow’s criminal-minded be deterred if today’s criminals are not punished?"

And this is the irony of our nation state; Nigeria. Justice has since taken flight because the people are no longer seeing straight because of sentiments. A Muslim say something and it is termed "Islam" and vice versa. If the unity you're proffering will be depraved of justice then we still have a long way to go. As you pointed out; we can't fragment like the Soviet Union and have stability thereafter. May our leaders have a change of heart and have pity on the vulnerable that are living from hand to mouth!

Dauda Shehu

Inspiring words, sir. Thanks for sharing knowledge.


Babangida Bangis

Well said sir...I wanted to write a very long comment but I don't know where to start...Sir, you have hit the nail on the head...more of such piece worthy of reading and digesting please...May your Golden pen never run out of ink.


Sani Lawal

Sir, what a wonderful write up!


Yahaya Abdulrahman

Insightful. May Allah bless you for digging out all these as part of your commitment to restore peace, law and order and forestall further damage to, and on Nigeria. My only worry is that such beautiful contents do not receive the attention of the authorities here in Nigeria. We have politicized everything including security, religions, cultures and education. Sad!

The North And The Effect of Janus, by Hassan Gimba (September 06, 2021)

Caxton Patience

Wonderfully said! You really nailed it.

May God bless you and continue to give you more wisdom.


Aliyu Abdullahi Aliyu

Thank you sir for the UPDATE! An excellent writer-up! My head down!


Abdullahi Usman Gwasko

Thanks for this update sir, Allah ya bada lada.


Raymond Gukas

I can see your discuss on your page is gradually generating utmost attention. I say this in view of last weekend's arm cache in Zamfara which is a clear indication that our security personnel are not really the problem, but those in command structures. I used to hear stories of when soldiers were approaching the enemy den they were told to retreat and in the aftermath, an ambush laid and gallant men lost! Look at the feat in Zamfara and one is left with no option than thumbs up for this gallantry. Don't be tired, sir. Well-done.


Fannami Mamman

Another incisive and thought provoking write-up from the master himself.


Professor Mohammed Khalid Othman

The story of the president and deputy governor is instructive. The president said precisely what he meant, examples of Zaki Biam and Udi where soldiers leveled every structure to the ground is very fresh in our memory. What makes a difference today? Will power, perhaps?


Musa Bukar Musa

More ink to your pen.


Of Bigmen’s Children, Boko Haram and An Unholy War, by Hassan Gimba (September 13, 2021)

Suleiman Haruna Saleh

Insightful. God bless you for this wonderful piece. How you traced the history is impressive. Many historians whenever referring to Boko Haram usually say the movement started in 2009. Thank you sir. More knowledge to your brain.


Nura Bature Abdullahi

So their children started it and now the masses face the consequences.


Alkali Liman

Indeed, Dr. Very insightful. Thank you and more ink to your pen.


Kabiru U Ibrahim

May Almighty Allah help us out.


Bitrus Adudu Yohanna

Well said!

Bisiriyu Ajibola Balogun Kila

Well researched, tightly argued and penetrating analysis. Our governors need to put on their thinking caps, ensure that all our textiles are working, invest in farming, health and education so that others don’t see us as parasites.

Armstrong Zugu

Potent! Picturesque!


Maimuna Ibrahim

Well observed.

Abdullahi Abdullahi Halliru


Blessing Fatima Daniels



Chikadibia Martin Ogbuanya

The religion that forbids taken, sales and benefiting from alcohol.

They take all manners of drugs, namely:

Codeine, heroine, cocain, marijuana, sulkudie, diazepam... Can go on and on. The list of their hard drugs is endless. Hypocrisy is the worst form of religion.


Kabir Asmaí

Chikadibia Martin Ogbuanya Do not judge a religion by the actions of its adherents. Does your religion recommend taking of alcohol? If, say, a Christian produces, sells, takes hard drugs, etc, is it because Christianity advocates it?


Baba Abubakar Saleh

Very witty and informative write up sir.


Mirach Smart Udeh

Well scripted! But in addition, the terrorism matter was also fueled with the Buhari/APC failing to meet their part of the bargain, with mercenaries contracted as political thugs, from within and outside of the country, which prominent politicians and some of the captured and released terrorists have testified to.


Muhammad Isah Abubakar

May your blissful mind be filled up with more wisdom, sir.


Tijjani Umar

Very educative write up


Muhammad Musa Barde

Wisdom from a Wiseman.


Nuraeni Lawal

Thanks for the detailed information about Boko Haram and the link between them and bandits. May the ink of your pen continue to flow.


Hussein Suleiman

May Allah increase you in knowledge sir.


Ibrahim Adamu

God bless you sir for the piece.


Endurance Ovie Okukulabe

Wow, this is lovely sir.


Abubakar Muhammad Sani



Maiwada Ibrahim

Thomas Smith

I shall keep it in my archive.


Shadrach Yusuf Mr-Lash

So inspiring.


Abduljabbar Haruna

Aptly glanced, and perfectly put.


Ibrahim Musa Ndaware

What a great piece!


Sam Ogabidu



Adams Suleiman

This is explicit.


Inuwa Ibrahim

It was politicians using delusional armed men to muzzle power. Period.


Alhassan Musa Ladan

Thank you, Dr, you indeed make the writing much interesting.


Rani Sahiba Prince Sahib

Great write up.


Shuaibu Ajani

The above captures the forgotten genesis of the crisis. So insightful! Nice work as usual, my brother.

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