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Zamfara State And The Nigerian Government, By Abdulmumeen Salis

Young Activist, Abdulmumeen Salis

Aside displacement, the banditry violence has hampered agricultural activities and heightened the risk of acute food insecurity. Also, livelihoods have been disrupted, while fear and insecurity among the population have intensified.

Thousands of farmers could not cultivate their farms during the 2020 and the current rain season because of fear of attacks or abduction. This is pushing the northern region to the brink of a major humanitarian crisis.

The FG by describing what is happening across the country as Banditry, Kidnapping  & Criminality instead of terrorism is unwittingly shooting itself on the foot. It will not attract any sympathy from anybody. It will result to civil strife.

It baffles me why the Nigerian government has failed to tag bandits as terrorists. Children of school age are forced to stop schooling because of insecurity.

An uncertain number of students have been abducted by armed bandits at a government day secondary school in kaya, Maradun Zamfara State.

If security agencies can't fight without the whole telecoms being shut down then they should resign and allow those who can fight with telecoms operating come on board.

The continue abductions of students across the country even Major Gen Buhari must admit that he has been a massive failure in performing his number one duty as a president, providing security for the people of Nigeria.
This children don't deserve this.

Nigeria is like a burning building, that it's occupants are aware but watching TV and making dinner. Communication blackout in #Zamfara is a direct threat to the lives of our loved ones, Shutting Down telecommunication network in Zamfara I don't see the essence of linking sim cards with NIN. 

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