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Bello's Presidency Will Do Nigeria More Good Than Tinubu, Says APC Chieftain

“Politics they said is interest, but instead of voting for Tinubu as the next president of this country, I will rather vote for Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State in a million times. What so ever you are accusing Governor Yahaya Bello of, Tinubu is worst. 

“Those Northern leaders visiting Tinubu to pledge support are doing so to pave way for the opposition party to takeover power from the APC, they are working for another party.

“All those that lives in Lagos knows that Tinubu is not the right candidate for our party. Lagos has a population of over 6million people yet Tinubu was unable to get one million votes for his presidential candidate in the last two elections while Kogi did better than Lagos State in those elections. How sure are we that if given the mandate he will deliver himself even from his constituency?

“You said he built people, I challenge you to show me the fresh people who he has empowered apart from those cronies which he breeds from his former cabinet.” -Alh. Abubakar Rajab, APC Chieftain

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