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Letter to Governor Aminu Bello Masari, the Governor of Katsina State.

Katsina State Governor, Alhaji Aminu Masari

By Aliyu Adamu Tsiga

This is the kind of chaos that speaks volumes.  If I speak and say I am with His Excellency the Governor until it is claimed that I have left the APC or I am not a candidate.  Either one. I am here in the APC gubernatorial race and there is no running back. Mr. Governor, please forgive me for saying goodbye, not for governorship. If my life is in your hands, I will tell you the truth. Just take it.  

I do not despise you, for you have great respect for me, but I must exercise my authority over you. I have a right to a Katsina citizen who is suffering from a lack of state name and you have built what I think is not in the interest of our state.

I have a right to you because I voted for you and I voted for you and you have to apologize.  In any case, bature says only your friend tells you your mouth smells.  Honestly governor the mouth of your government is smelling!

If not, how can a state that has been plagued by thieves prevent people from sleeping in their homes and get sick ?  In a state where thieves have banned farming, the thief has to be paid as if we are infidels and we have been defeated.

I have been living in a state with a lot of young people here and there is nothing to do because they do not want to but because there is no leadership, where is the state and the roads you inherited in the name of  They are all dead, there is no maintenance, let alone the construction of new ones, in a state where children are studying below, because I swear by God there are children from your rise to power who have gone to school to the present day and have never climbed a chair.

Are you indebted to the five billion and six billion million for building two bridges in Katsina?  Mr. Governor, who gave you this advice, please?  Who do you want to impress ?

I swear by God with this money you can put an end to the killings and kidnappings in Katsina State. I swear by God with these huge sums of money you can rehabilitate all the refugees who have left their homes and live a miserable life in Katsina State.

Dear Governor this is more useful for you to worry about our creator on two bridges!  Where is the teacher in our office after Maghrib prayers?  What did he tell you ?  Where is Mr. Abdullahi Odile who I know is a proponent of religion and religion has brought it to your body ?  Where is Mr. Sabo Musa whom I know to be the Director of National Protocol of JIBWIS whom I know can tell the truth if I want to ?

Where are the Izala and Yakubu Musa groups who were involved in the founding of the people from the beginning ?

Would you expect the wrong thing to happen and would you tell the governor that there is death ?

Would you not tell him that running a community even if it is a family affair is not done voluntarily because there is something called reckoning ?

By God, you all have to stand before God and He asks you.  Where are the big ones in Katsina or is it just me?

Mr. Governor, for Kano to inherit, you do not have to do it.  Kano has no refugees, no bandits, no farming and no wealth that makes the state congested except for bridges like these.  What about ?  Mr. Governor, for El-Rufai to inherit, you do not have to be sympathetic to him.

Please look into the matter and help us, our loved ones, to be ashamed so that we can go public, but this system has no calculation, no thought or reason in it. Please give us security, and give us security, i want to tell you to get out of the way of the army because we are not in front of them.  

Help the police who want to do the work but do not have the equipment. Give your drivers and motorcyclists a walkie talkie pls get the job done.  Take the vigilantes and give them more equipment than this bridge you will make.

You save even one soul for God's sake than a bridge that has no economic value. If you hear my advice thank God and if you do not hear God knows I am out! Anyone who is not happy with my speech should know that I am seeking God's approval!

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