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Professor Gwarzo Challenges Private Varsities on Academic Excellence.

By Dr. Habeeb Awaisu

The President and Founder of Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) Conglomerate and Franco-British International University (FBI-U), Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo has urged all private universities to focus attention on the standard and quality of education with a view to safeguard academic excellence in private universities in Africa and the world over...

Professor Gwarzo stated this while delivering a paper as a Guest Speaker at the 8th Convocation Ceremony of IHERIS University Togo held on 30th October, 2021 in Lome, Togo and made it available to journalist in Kano.

Professor Gwarzo who is also the President General of the Association of African Private Universities (AAPU), advocates for a strategy that would protect private universities from government institutions, particularly those with self-serving interests, because according to him private universities bring a lot of value intellectually, educationally, thus creating additional job prospects and opportunities...

The erudite Professor Gwarzo further notes that students expect universities to provide high-quality teaching and training to help them achieve their career goals; whereas academic communities also expect universities to serve as vehicles for high-quality knowledge; adding that government agencies and institutions equally want universities to play a more active role in supporting development and the economy as a whole...

The MAAUN founder who presented a paper at the colorful occasion entitled “IMPACT OF UNIONISM AMONG AFRICAN PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES” explained that society believes universities can help it solve many of its problems; and industry is interested in universities and hence quality education is non-negotiable and therefore must be preserved. 

Prof. Gwarzo highlights that at the current era of globalization and liberalization it is critical to attract, promote, and encourage the emergence of quality private universities, as well as to promulgate legislative groundwork for the establishment and incorporation of private self-financing universities in Africa, in order to contribute to the development of teaching and research in private university.

According to Professor Gwaro, “Due to accelerated growth and internalization process of universities, the need for quality standards in higher education is growing as a result of competitiveness. The pressure on university leadership to improve teaching quality, academic research, and other associated educational activities is causing them.

According to Prof. Gwarzo, the important attach to the establishment of more standard private universities can't be overemphasis looking at the fact that, African population is growing at a geometrical proportion whereas, education, employment, economy and all means of livelihood grows at arithmetical proportion which is not commensurate and worrisome. 

In this regards, challenge and advice that leadership of all the serious minded governments of countries in Africa have to focus more and as well assist both in terms of good policy enactments and fundings towards the realisations, establishment, function and sustainability of the private universities with academic institutions, as despite being citadel of knowledge, equally  provides employment opportunities for our teaming population with more number of youths having no jobs rather engaging in different sources of social vices, especially substance abuses,  insurgencies and criminality, Prof. Gwarzo said...

Professor Gwarzo was awarded with the African Leadership Iconic Award winner of the decade, for his numerous contributions towards lifting the standard and quality of education in Africa (Congratulations Sir)...

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