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2023: Bauchi High Court Fixes January 27 In A Case Involving Senator Orji Kalu

Former Abia State Governor, Senator Orji Kalu

By Idris Khalid

The Bauchi High Court 3 presided over by Justice Mohammed A. Sambo has adjourned a suit which seeks to compel the former Abia state governor, Senator Orji Kalu to contest the 2023 presidential elections to January 27, 2022.

The suit No. BA/331/2021 was filed before the Court by a group of staunch supporters of the former governor, recalled that Senator Orji Kalu had in February this year assured the group that he would contest the 2023 presidential election.

The plaintiffs in the case, Comrade Aliyu Ladan and Lawan Abdullahi have told a press conference in Bauchi Sunday that they entered into agreement with the former governor with every assurance that he would contest the elections.

They observed that Kalu had in the past few months showing reluctant to declare interest for the presidency, saying "Kalu is a person with the capacity and capability to change the narratives of a nation like Nigeria.

Applicants argued, “He is a purposeful man with a foresight, a mentor to many citizens, a dynamic Nigerian, an advocate of justice, a revolutionary politician, a consummate administrator, and master tactician”.

Presenting copies of the suit filed to journalists, the plaintiffs also argued that Kalu’s managerial skill, experience, and national appeal put him in the best position to rule Nigeria in 2023.

According to them, a vast number of political organizations, associations and groups across the six senatorial zones were drumming support for Kalu to vie for presidency in 2023 as they found him worthy to deliver good governance to the nation.

“His credibility, honesty, and capacity to deliver endeared Senator Orji Kalu to all Nigerians. He is a presidential material with vast experiences in the private sector, executive and legislative arms of government”, the applicants to the Bauchi High Court 3 said.

Comrade Aliyu Ladan and Lawan Abdullahi who stormed the press conference venue with unprecedented followership, said they have every confidence that Senator Orji Kalu would emerge victorious on whichever political party platform he decided to contest the presidential elections.

"We are in court because we want the court to respect our agreement, for contesting as President of Nigeria, we want the Court to compel Kalu,to declare his interest to run in the 2023 General election, as a presidential candidate, under the flat form of APC or anyother Party, we want the court to direct Kalu to commence preparation and put all the necessary and put all machinery in place, for the purpose of contesting as Presidential candidate" 

"Kalu have had deep relationships, with all Nigerians and he never disappointed in any of these relations, he has known many Nigerians, and had so many businesses across North and Southern parts of the country for decades and have never disappointed anybody in terms of buying and selling, because he is a man of his words a trustworthy ,find him worthy because we know whatever he say, he will do, and whatever he say he will not do, he will not do it, he is sincere to Nigerians, and Nigerians are always sincere to him".

The Plaintiffs described him as a presidential material with experience in the private sector, executive and legislative arms of government.

They urged the ruling All Progressives Congress APC to commence a process of adopting him as the sole candidate of the party. 

They stressed that Kalu’s managerial skill, experience, and national appeal put him in the best position to rule Nigeria in 2023.

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