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Establishing MAAUN Varsity in Kano a Good Development For The Nation, Sheikh Al-Qarmawi Says

By Ali Kakaki

Sheikh Abdulwahid Muhammad Nazifi Al-Qarmawi, an Islamic scholar in Kano, lauded the efforts of Prof. Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo for establishing Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria (MAAUN) in Kano, saying he was impressed with the infrastructure, and everything in the University was well built. He further commended Professor A. A Gwarzo for his tireless efforts in establishing the University for the benefit of the people of Kano State, Nigeria, and the world at large.

Sheikh Abdulwahid Muhammad Nazifi Al-Qarmawi made the remarks during a visit to the University, where he toured various sections of the University in Kano.

Sheikh Al-Qarmawi stated that the purpose of the visit was; "To encourage education and show my delight over what Almighty God has given us in our country. We, our children, brothers, and sisters are the beneficiaries of this development," he said.

In his speech, Al-Qarmawi said; "Actually, this university is a university that I toured around and seen a lot,  we have seen so many things, Alhamdulillah. The Infrastructure was well built, everything was erected well, we prayed as Almighty God built this University for us, may Almighty God shower his blessings, and pour the light of Prophet Muhammad into it. This University where ever it is, even if it is out of the shores of Nigeria, Kano, where ever it is in this world if we visited, we would be happy because is something that will benefit the community”.

The Sheikh went on to say; "Our Professor Gwarzo, may God bless him. May Almighty God strengthen him physically and emotionally to continue his tireless effort to the development of people. Nothing leads to such a project except good intention and kindness. We pray that God Almighty will reward and strengthen him. And he is not aged, we pray Almighty God to give him many more years ahead to continue this type of work for the service of the community. We prayed Almighty God to nurture such actions until the Day of Judgment for the benefit of the society of Prophet (S)”, he prayed. 

Sheikh Abdulwahid Al-Qarmawi, meanwhile, drew the attention of the community to the primacy of seeking knowledge, asserting that life as a whole is better with education, stressing that there is need for a society to seek for knowledge to ensure growth; “Any development you see, even this project, is actualized because of education. Therefore, I urge brothers and sisters to stand up and be educated. For the parents, comfort your children to get knowledge. You cannot compare an educated person with an uneducated one”, he stressed.

He emphasized to the parent the significance of educating their children, saying; “our scholars recounted to us what they have seen and what they have found in the scriptures that life without knowledge is death. And the life of a learned person continues even after his death. Whoever is educated, he is extant, he will not depart. "Even if is said to have died, his reminiscence and generosity will not go away. If the memory of a servant does not go away, then he has not died,” he corroborated.

He further added that; “If you are seeking wealth, then you must be informed. Wise men said 'with education poverty vanished.' Uncertainty, despair, bad temper, depression, with knowledge, you got the cure of these diseases. Therefore, parents, in particular, should encourage their children to study. Make sure your children including women are educated. ”

Emphasizing the importance of girl-child education, Sheikh Abdulwahid Al-Qarmawi said; inability to enroll women in school for education due to misperception that women are not allowed to go out to study, or fear of moral decadence, or women are not allowed to leave home and so on, said morality originates from home. "If you morally bring up your child, then wherever he goes, as long as he retains his upbringing, whether male or female, he will live morally. But lack of morality ruins the lives of our sons and daughters. Even if a girl is not allowed to go to school, if she is not well trained morally, she can also be ruined at home."

He accentuated that; "Let us have good intentions, and let us have good faith in God, wherever our children are, men or women, wherever they may be, let have faith in God that He will bless them, let us trained them morally, that it is. So, I encourage you brothers and sisters to go to school to get an education. With knowledge, you can climb the top of the ladder," he stressed.

Finally, he prayed that the new university built in Kano would be beneficial to the people of Kano, Nigeria, and the world at large; "may almighty God make the University a blessing to all Nigerians and the world at large. May almighty God assist them. May Almighty Allah make this our visit to be a source of hope for the sake of the Messenger of God. May God bless Prof Gwarzo, his assistants, from you, Ali Kakaki, and all who assist him in this matter, wherever they are in the world, may God bless you with the blessings of the Messenger of God,” he concluded.

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