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Exposure of Indecent Dressing In Tertiary Institution, By Janet Yakubu

Indecent dressing is becoming vary rampant in our tertiary institution in Nigeria why because tons of students are seeing this activity of indecent dressing as norms in their schools

Nudity is been exposed in our tertiary institution today and almost all of the students are viewing this indecent dressing as something normal in the society we live In, Because they failed to understand that this very activity can lead to immorality in our tertiary institution. 

Indecent dressing is a solemn activity that we need to do something in tackling it in our tertiary institution in Nigeria.  Therefore, we need to create a wakefulness about this very later to educate our youths on the effects of this indecent dressing in our tertiary institution. 

Obscenity is also the issue of the day in our tertiary institution because many students view this activity of indecent dressing as something conventional to their daily routine. so exposing the parts of their body is norms to them. since they lack moral of up bringing right from the beginning of socialisation. 

Nudity is not something worth to be proud of but reverse is the case since tons of female students in tertiary institution are proud of exposing their body to the public because they view it as normality which I so much disagree with because this issue sometimes lead a lot of them to been raped.

This issue of indecent dressing is becoming more rampant in the society we live in, why because many people think exposing their body outside  Is something classy and by the way this is not something classy This is immoral and totally against our norms and values of our society.

This issue is worsening our society since it contradict the norms and values of our culture because these have never been seen as something classy in the society we live in but because of  the lack of perinatal of upbringing ample of our female students think dressing half-naked is something trendy.

Rape is becoming frequent activity in our society why because tons of our female students think dressing half-naked is norms and this obscene jeopardise the feelings of a lot of lectures and even their fellows in the school.
Efforts is been made by some tertiary institution to reduce this menace but the students sometimes failed to abide by the conduct of the school so I solicit to the  schools to put more efforts in tackling this issue.

Lastly, I wan my fellow students to put this in mind,  character and learning matters a lot when it comes to school activities because certificate without character is naught.

Janet Yakubu 
A student from the Department of Mass Communication Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi.

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