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Yusuf Chikaire Takes Credit Determined, Conscientious, Industrious To Cause Of The Poor

By Muhammad Umar Shehu

Yusuf Lamido Chikaire is among the best politicians I adore and revere the most in Gombe state particularly Akko local Government Area, Kumo in precise and he only takes the credits due to his industrious habit in seeing that he helps the indigent people around him.

Am audacious and courageous to say that people like Yusuf Chikaire are very few in our society because his concern is always about how to help poor and indigent people around him, not only his community, he goes beyond that to raise other people's standards of living. 

One of the best attainments in life is at the moment that the public marks one’s service or achievements to humanity while the celebrant is robust and hearty. Many people have come and gone but only the industrious ones are being remembered due to their good actions to humanity and I’m confident to say Yusuf Chikaire is among them.

I can recalled vividly when he was the then deputy chairman of Akko Local Government Area of Gombe state. He tried so much in seeing that he uplift his people to a higher esteem. He also helped in changing the lives of thousands to a better one during his tenure.

Some people are naturally life-supporters, with a positive mind in helping others and conscientious in raising known and unknown people; all these qualities can be found in no other person than Yusuf Chikaire who was the former deputy chairman Akko local Government Area, Gombe state. 

People like Yusuf Chikaire are very few in the society even though there are still good people in the world but Yusuf is extraordinary in helping others to be role models in the society so that they can be of benefit to the Country in general. 

Notwithstanding the fact that he sponsored ample children to further their education and also help tons of people to grow their businesses in order to be dependent not to relied on any one for survival rather to themselves. 

Unquestionably, Chikaire has been the nerve to a lot of people to operate their daily routines by looking at how he puts efforts in seeing that the upcoming one’s are given solemn attention to further their education without them having spent a kobold. Because he makes the oath to sponsor them and he is really off to the task.

All my life I have never seen a person that sticks to his word like Yusuf Chikaire because once he promised you something he will definitely fulfill his promise, he is the man of his word and I can boldly said that he inherit such character from his father the former chief of staff to Gombe state  Alh. Lamido Umar Chikaire he is really a man of his word.

As this saying remind us that “Good one turn deserves another and I have this belief in mind that if young people like Yusuf Chikaire can be given an opportunity to explore their potentials this Country can be great to the extent that one can’t imagine because people like him has so much respect for indigent people and all they do is for humanity. 


Yusuf Chikaire is a sagacious person in rendering help to the indigent, poor and people in need after all he gives out what he has to the needy even if it’s the last thing he has but I wonder why such kind of people are very few in our society. 

I can also recalled vividly that Yusuf Chikaire gave out ample motorcycles to people in need in order to make their mobility smooth and easier and those people are not well known in the society but because he made some survey and found that yes those people need to be helped then he helped them out.

With this little piece one may say people like Yusuf Chikaire of opportune to be a public figure can make this Country great again by looking at how they help people with the little opportunities they get. Just imagine being in a higher one that can definitely do more than we expect. 

Lastly, I called upon my fellows to come together and support young people with such a habit like Yusuf Chikaire in order to make our country Nigeria great again and make our society free from anything that can make life miserable for them.

Muhammad Uma Shehu 


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