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Fighting Corruption By This Administration Is Only A Joke, By Sulaiman Y Kafin Maiyaki

The time has come for this unfocused government to amend the Constitution and allow all prisoners to be freed so that they too enjoy the nice air of freedom.

To be candid, the rule of law of this country is simply on paper as a theory that cannot in any way be put to practice and this egocentric administration spearheaded by incompetent leaders and appointees is only making it worse.

If these two former governors who were jailed for stealing public funds have now been pardoned by the president who was constantly claiming that the goal of his administration was to fight corruption and make sure that all the properties acquired with unlawful money would be seized, then we are in for doom. 

The above statement uttered by Mr. President did nothing but deceive the Nigerian people whereas his actions have now confirmed the opposite of what he was pronouncing during his campaign days.

I think those who were jailed for stealing handset, cow, hen, goat, sheep, millet, rice, e.t.c. are citizens and deserve this pardon too, not only those looters, if this authority wants to put justice into practice and deal with the rich and poor equally.
I have been asking myself why is the presidential pardon not for the middle-class citizens who committed little crimes? 
But, I realized that the pardon was nothing but politics and injustice. I trust that this injustice will be reciprocated by the looters who just got pardoned and their cronies.

Releasing these corrupt politicians confirms to Nigerians that fighting corruption by this administration is only a joke.

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