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MGK Healthcare Welcomes Its Partner Medica Overseas from Egypt

MGK Healthcare Services in Kano on Sunday, 21st August 2022 welcomed its partners from Egypt under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between MGK Healthcare Services, Kano and Medica Overseas, Egypt.
The entourage of MGK Healthcare Services welcomed the team of medical experts at Malam Aminu Kano International airport in Kano. After receiving them, they were immediately driven to the hospital located at Karkasara road in Tarauni local government area of Kano State.
Malam Muhammad Garba, the proprietor and Coordinator of the hospital, presented the staff of the hospital to their partners.
While addressing newsmen in Kano, the proprietor, Malam Muhammad Garba, underlined the benefits of the MoU to the society, which he said will improve the services of the hospital which if that is achieved, the community health will be improved which is a plus to the society. He further added; “in general the entire healthcare service is to serve humanity. When you have an improved service it means improved services to humanity. Our partners have a lot of knowledge in the healthcare industry and they will add value by impacting their knowledge to our staff and applying same to the patients”.
He, therefore, pledged to mitigate the number of people travelling abroad to seek medical treatment; “we know a lot of people travel abroad to seek medical attention and now with their coming here we are trying to see how we are going to reduce the number of this travel no matter the percentage”, he noted.  
Malam Garba also added; “we try to see that apart from them being physically here in Kano. we are going to introduce the telemedicine facility in such a way that if there are cases that requires consultants in other fields that are not physically present, they will be able to communicate with the patients from our facility”
While addressing Newsmen Malam Garba said; “the guests we received now are our partners. Some months ago we have signed MoU with Medica Overseas. The MoU aims to exchange knowledge and improve our service delivery. We have a system we are running now and hope that with their experience in Healthcare management services they are going to add value. We are aiming for greater heights; we are associating with other partners with the same like minds towards achieving the set objectives of the Facility”.
Malam Garba said the healthcare industry requires a lot of dedication and services from people; “We are out to give the little we can based on our capacity”. He appreciates the government's efforts in providing healthcare services, but said there is the need for participation of the private healthcare industry; “ A visit to all the government facilities we have will indicate to you that there is need for participation of the private health sector. We are not competing in any way with the government but we are there to complement the government effort by saving people from troubles of time management, quick access to the healthcare facility, quicker diagnosis and treatments easy referrals, and a lot. We are out to render services a little different from what is obtainable in most of the places”, he stressed.
He further highlighted the services of MGK Healthcare which include; General outpatients Clinic, Inpatient Clinic, Obstetrics & Gynaecology clinic, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, ENT Paediatric, General Surgery, pharmaceutical, Laboratory, radiology, orthopaedic and dental surgery clinic, private ambulance services for emergency cases.
In his speech, the CEO of Medica Overseas from Egypt, Dr Thamer Kazamel, stated that he was very elated by the warm reception by MGK Healthcare; “it is beyond my imagination”.
He promised to come up with new strategies that will align with the aim and objectives of MGK Healthcare to improve the services of the hospital. He assured of creating a feedback mechanism where people can voice out their feelings about the services and lay complain if any; “We will create a suggestion box and other e-channels so that people can easily reach us with their suggestion/complain”, he said.
Dr Kazamel noted that they will also provide a Customer care service agent that will oversee patients’ needs and other people that interact with the hospital. He also added that they will provide everything needed for their patients.
Dr Kazamel said they will also enhance the treatment of patients here at home as if they were abroad.
He urged the staff to work hard and hoped to get cooperation from them to achieve the set goals so that they can take the hospital to greater heights.

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