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Nine Years in Detention: Islamic Movement Calls for Release of Haruna Abbas, Two Others

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has called on the Nigerian authorities to put an end to the continued detention of three of its members who have been in detention for almost nine years. 

In a statement, Mohammad Abdullahi, who released a statement on behalf of the movement raised concern over the continued incarceration of their members with no end in sight. 

The statement reads,”It is approaching 9 years since the illegal arrest of Malam Haruna Abbas, Ibrahim Hussain and Adamu Suleiman by State Security Service 'DSS', Malam Haruna Abbas was arrested at Aminu Kano International Airport  upon his arrival from foreign trip on 16th March 2013. Ibrahim Hussaini and Adamu Suleiman were arrested at their respective residents amidst their family.

“Sequel to his arrest, Haruna Abbas was taken to DSS National headquarter in Abuja and kept for 3 days isolation and interrogated by MOSSAD agents. Malam Haruna is framed with sponsoring terrorism by allegedly sending Ibrahim and Adamu to abroad for terrorism training while in the series of his interrogation there is threat to kill one of his colleague in detention by the agency.

“After spending over 2 years in the hand of DSS, the victims were then transferred to Prison by the agency. The victims taken to Court presided by Justice Ademola who served in favour of the plaintiff and later withdrawn the case. The trial was then unjustly shifted to another court as a fresh case presided by Justice Chikere who started with fair trial and later culminated into favouring the plaintiff by slowing the case without achieving anything till her retirement.

“The worst part of the case is now been transferred to another Court presided by new Justice as a fresh trial. With this sluggish, lazy and illegal trial with no evidence to prove the victims guilty for the paste 9 years, nothing can be achieved with the new one.”

Abdullahi added that one of the detainees, Haruna Abbas is suffering from hypertension, chronic ulcer, diabetes and other health complications. 

While suspecting some foreign interference by the United States of America and the Israeli government, he said efforts to secure their bail at different occasions have been frustrated.

“In Nigeria, there are hundreds of victims that were secretly and unjustly exterminated without their issue been publicized or their family raising the matter mostly due to financial crisis or series of threats.

“Some of them were mistakenly arrested and jailed to death or killed while they couldn't be exonerated due to the absence of follow-up and the issue will go in vein. While some of them were either abducted or arrested due to some ulterior motive of govt interest, thus, assassinating them covertly, this is the worst part,” the statement ended.

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