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KUNDIN TARIHIN HARKA Digital Platform to Unveil Soon

KUNDIN TARIHIN HARKA is a digital platform designed for collecting and documenting history in text, audiovisual, and other visible available materials belonging to the Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and publishing them digitally.

The digital platform will be unveiled in due course according to a statement signed by the Initiator of the project, Ammar Muhammad Rajab, and issued to newsmen in Kaduna on Monday 7th of November, 2022.

According to the statement, the digital platform is a nonprofit aimed at digitally archiving the Islamic Movement's history. “It is also a voluntary and unofficial website of the Movement that has no direct relationship with the leadership of the Movement. We are out to contribute to the development of the Movement digitally”, he said.

“Our mission is to record and document anything available regarding the History of the Islamic Movement with the view of disseminating and improving the avenue of sourcing information about the Movement electronically”, the statement added. 

The statement added that, “our vision is to serve as an avenue of excellence for understanding the History and Ideology of the Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

The statement added that in other to achieve their mission and vision, “time to time we are going conduct research on different topics with the aim of documentation and publishing them digitally. We also can carry out training for researchers to improve the availability of materials of the Islamic Movement digitally. In addition to that, we planned to collect the available record of the Islamic movement and document them digitally”, the statement reiterated.

Apart from its website, “the digital platform will also have a presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, WhatsApp etc,” the statement said.

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