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Naira Scarcity Equates All Candidates at the Same Level, Rabiu Kwankwaso Says

By Abdulwahab Muhammad Bauchi

The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People's Party (NNPP) Rabiu Kwankwaso has stated that the redesigning of the naira notes which made money scarce in the country at the moment has made all candidates equal.

He stated this on Wednesday in a live interview in hausa with Sunshine Radio in Yobe, Yobe State where he visited for his election campaign and monitored by our correspondent.

According to him, his opponents have initially underrated him and his party on the ground that he has no money and adequate resources to mobilize support across the nation for his presidential ambition saying the current cashless policy in the country has however made all candidates equal.

"Even if I am not in the contest, I would not support those people because I don't trust them. They are mean and arrogant. They don't have regard for anybody. They were nobody in the past and their parents were nobody too. But because they got opportunity to be in government in the past, they maltreated the masses. 

"That is why we came out and brought this party. They never thought the party would be accepted and this popular. They never thought we would reach this level. But they are now shocked.

"Aside that, they used to say that Rabi'u Kwankwaso has no money. But Buhari has now impoverished everyone. We are all equal now. We are on the same page now". He mocked his opponents.

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