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Tinubus Election Strengthen the Unity of Nigeria, Isah Yuguda Says

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi

A former governor of Bauchi State, Malam Isa Yuguda has explained that the election of President elect Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will strengthen the unity of Nigetia as a one country, and Tinubu will effectively tackle the issue of banditary, kidnappings and farmers herders clashes in Nigeria.

Yuguda stated this in Bauchi over the weekend, when he interacted with reporters, He said, "as a Fulani man he went to Zamfara up to kidnappers den in the bush seeking to know why they are in to banditary kidnappings, and we understood that they took up Arms to revenge because their parents were killed, maimed and rape ,and there cattles were rustled , even their grazing reserved were seized, in Bauchi here grazing reserve was allocated to a business man, cattle routes were taken over, how do you want them to survive in the interest of justice "He said in Nigeria Fulani are the largest Population we have over 50 million people fulanis in Nigeria, no President will joke with this number of people.

Yuguda said before the Presidential election Kano state Governor Abdullahi Ganduje organised a conference for Fulani in which University Don's across the country presented meaningful papers and at the end of the conference we developed a blue which will be presented to Tinubu after he took the oath of office which he pledged to implement in order to addressed the problems affecting Fulani in Nigeria.

He said livestock of fulani is the only meat that was not imported in to the country ,which help to boost the socio-economic of the country.Yuguda advised people with different opinion over the election of Tinubu to shieth their swords and accept Tinubu as a true leader chooses by Almighty to rule the country because he won with the majority of votes casted.He said the election of Tinubu will strengthen the unity of Nigeria and will help to tackle the socio-economic problems bedeviled the country.

Yuguda, who is a chieftain of the APC, said he was confident that with Tinubu at the helm of affairs, the problem of Fulani would be addressed  “We are very positive that the APC government of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will address the problem. Of course, I am very positive that he will addressed all the socio-economic economic problems bedeviled the country. 

“If Nigerians are wise, if you are there to appraise somebody based on performance, among all the candidates that contested with Tinubu, he is the only person that has something to show for.

“Do you know Lagos today is a middle income economy? It is no longer part of the Nigerian economy. Who made it possible? Is it not Tinubu? Or are you going to deny him the credit of having set up structures? He laid the foundation for the governors after him and he has the capacity to headhunt,, today Lahos os like Medinah or any model country or city in the world” he added. He said Nigerians should accept him amd allow him to do his best as patriot to develop the country.

 Yuguda who was a former Governor of Bauchi , between 2007 - 2015 expressed his gratitude to the people of Bauchi State for coming put en mass and voted for Tinubu at the last Presidential election and urged them to come out and vote for Air Marshal Sadique APC Gubernatorial candidate next Saturday to enable him change the narratives in Bauchi State.

He said he has been going round the stars to mobilise grassroots votes for the APC candidates from.President elect Bola Tinubu, airmarshal Sadique Baba Abubakar and other candidates because of their commitment to bring rapid development In the state.

He sad the administrations that succeeded him in Bauchi has failed because, he left the state with 22 functional Geberal Hospitals with 24 hours generators,he left school where children of the poor can go and acquire education but today all are in a sorry state , even the Yankari power plant was neglected. 

Yuguda Said said you can't start constructing roads, government house when your society needs basic needs like education, Healthcare.A Governor can't start capital expenditure In a budget where he didn't finish with his recurrent expenditure.Yuguda said it is pertinent to elect all APC candidates to end the administration that was not paying workers as and when due.

He said: “We appreciate the support of pepper of Bauchi stare and, by God’s grace, if Sadique is elected he will deliver the dividends of democracy equitably and our workers will be paid at the end of every month. “It is very sad that our workers cannot get their payment. It is very sad that someone will serve a state for 35 years and he won’t be paid pension and gratuity and urged the electorate to support APC candidates in the state .

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