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Fresh Demolition of Innocent Properties: Can El-Rufai get away with this?

It is no longer news that the governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai was in fresh demolition of innocent properties in Kaduna metropolitan. El-Rufai chose midnight to trump people's peace and wrecked their legal properties without even noticing them. 

If it is a good thing that El-Rufai is doing he won't choose midnight to demolish people's properties. Why the fear Mr. El-Rufai? You always tried to depict you are like a wolf in the mid of lions but we know you are just mice that fear the sight of a stick. Your ability to persecute people is when you have power in your hands, without the power you are gloating you are just like a soldier without rifles. It is just 7 days to your retirement as governor of Kaduna state. A Hausa adage says; "Idan maye ya manta uwar ɗiya ba za ta manta ba". 

It is indeed a sad moment to see how this knucklehead and dwarf governor chooses to demolish innocent properties. Maybe He thinks he can change narratives and put himself on the good side of history. And Maybe He thinks he can go away with it in this world or hereafter? He always burst that whoever is against him will either die or fall. He gave examples with late President 'Yar'adua and former President Jonathan. 

To analyse this claim we may figure out that this is one of the reasons he felt hurt when he remembers he is about to leave Kashim Ibrahim House without achieving his plans to eliminate the activists of the Islamic struggle and Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. 

There is no justification whatsoever to continue the demolition of people's properties you think belong to what you labeled as 'IMN'. It is illegal to continue demolishing their properties. You swore to protect the lives and properties of the people of Kaduna state, but you failed in all ramifications. 

People who were once at the helm of affairs of their state or country became formers and life become unfortunate for them. Some died miserably while others were killed mercilessly. 

Despite the power the likes of CDS Alex Badeh held in Nigeria, he was killed groundlessly in his farmland in Nasarawa state, and to date, nothing was done to his alleged killers. There are many instances of how the likes of El-Rufai ended. It never goes well with them, and it will never go well with El-Rufai. 

It is important to know that, you can't ever go away with this dreadfulness, you must pay for what your hands have done in this world, then in the hereafter (if you believe there is). 

Ammar Muhammad Rajab wrote from Abuja and can be reached at ammarrajabonline@gmail.com

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