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Bauchi Lawmaker Looks For Solution to Environmental Challenges in His Constituency

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi

A member representing  Chiroma constituency in the state House of Assembly Ahmed Maikudi Yahaya in Misau Local Government Area of Bauchi State has reiterated his commitments to work with all stake holders to address the huge environmental challenges bedeviled his constituency. 

Maikudi stated this while answering questions from news men in Misau, He said the worst affected areas are Fawari densly populated area, Ajili, Nassarawa, Mangari, Beti, Kagildi, Gabdori Kaftara and Wilya and because of the magnitude of the problems of environmental challenges in his constituency is genuine problem which required all stake holders to put their hands on deck to address the problem.

Law maker said he spent less than one month in the House with his little resources he improved some part of the road to Ajili where the improve the small passage on the bridge to enable a vehicle to pass through, he also bought tons of cement and  tools needed to reduce the dangers in Gabdori Kaftara and Wilya stream to enable people pass through.

He appeal to the Bauchi State Governor Senator Bala Muhammad Abdulkadir to send team of experts to quantify the magnitude of the problem and proffer lasting solution.

Maikudi asked the State and Local Government to construct culverts, waterways, roads, as part of immediate effort to reduced the hardships of the peole which become worst during rainiy season.

since you have gone round you have seen how bad the road has now become as a result of the rain we have been getting this days, you cant pass through the road, many of the roads were cut off , some bridges were washed away, people spent several hours if its raining before the reach to their houses, in Wabtara people died annually in their stream, we are in need of emergency intervention,our people are suffering. 

He said he will table the matter at the floor of the house and he will work with his colleagues in the Assembly to ensure that they put some of the roads in the next year budget to enable the state government to execute the projects.

Maikudi said Late Tatari Ali administration started the roads but uptil now for about five decades we are still battling with the problem, but we didnt loose hope Since Governor Bala Mohammed used to carry out gigantic work that defy many Governors we will support and cooperate with the government and  ensure that the roads are included in next years budget, I will also do my best to ensure that we work with all stake holders in both Federal, State , local government and Private organizations to ensure that we reduced the environmental challenges bedeviling the area and the little one we can do with our lean resources we will do it

Law maker said The Emir of Misau local government area, Alhaji Ahmed Suleiman said that the problem is not a new one our communities has been battling with environmental challenges for a long time , we appreciated various interventions of the State Government, we have also written to the Federal Government we are still following , because the problem is not the type that requires a small job to solve it,Its a very big job, it needs a big work to control the erosion right from where the water is coming into the town. So, this is a work that is capital intensive, both State and local Government should be commended for doing their best to reduce the problem"

Residents of the area cry for help to reduce their sufferings especially during rainiy season , they said several governments and politicians makes effort to solve the problem , but they were unable todo it , but expressed hope that with the commitment of the State Governor, law maker and all stake holders it will solve the problem.

When contacted An official of the Bauchi State Ministry of Housing and environment who doesnt want his name to be mention said The Governor has the intention of carrying out the project. What people need to know is that whatever they see it happened is the will of God and as a Muslims we have to take that in our heart, its not intentional that the work has not commenced but its in the heart of the government both from the lower level of the government to the highest in the state, that road is in the mind of the governor since he personally followed the road during his reelection campaign, 

I am assuring you that not only the road in chiroma constituency all roads in Misau local Government would be constructed, there is a plan for that, some of the roads there is a plan  with  donor agencies in collaboration with the state government, they are going to construct them and the governor has already put  machineries in motion to ensure its success, he has already met his own condition but the donor agencies have their own processes which takes time and that the governor has done his own part.” 

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