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Bauchi: Lawyer Faults Nominations of Persons to be Appointed as Judges , Khadis

By Abdulwahab Muhammad, Bauchi

A legal practitioner, Barrister Alkassim.Muhammed , has faulted the processed followed by the Bauchi State Judicial Service Commission JSC in the nomination of persons selected for appointments as judges, khadis recently and alleged lack of transparency in the selection process some of persons selected are unqualified they have bad records.

Alkassim called on the National Judicial Council (NJC) to reject the proposed list of nominees sent to them from.the state JSC.

Alkassim.made the allegations when he interacted with journalists today Monday in Bauchi , He expressed concern that some of the nominees for appointments as judges and khadis have corrupt tendencies and bad records. 

He appealed to Governor Bala Mohammed to be mindful of the judicial system in the state and  urge the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) to rise up over the issue to prevent an impeding damage to the judiciary.

The lawyer observed that the previous for nomination as judges and Khadis by the JSC in Bauchi State was encouraging considering the caliber of nominees that made the list  of judges of the High Court and Khadis of the Sharia Court of Appeal.

“I wonder why his time around there is a total departure from the core values and tenets of duties responsibilities of the JSC under section 197 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria regarding appointments of judges and khadis,” he stated.

Recalled that advertisement for the positions was made on October 19, 2023 in a letter with reference number BAS/JSC/S/ADM/93 requesting for the nomination of candidates for appointment as of five High Court Judges and five Kadis of Sharia Court of Appeal, Bauchi State respectively.

While the composition of the State Judicial Service Commission is found under part II of the Third Schedule  in the 199 Constitution as amended, the lawyer argued that the process for shortlisting and appointment of the judges and khadis by the JSC in the state was shrouded in mystery.

“The recently concluded meeting of the Judicial Service Commission, Bauchi State held November 23, 2023, has left the judicial process for the appointment of the suitable, qualified persons in limbo for lack of transparency,” he lamented.
“The entire process was marred and accustomed by sentiment among some members that constitute the composition of the JSC in Bauchi State.

“The recent judicial anarchy in the judiciary in Nigeria today is a dividend and proceed of poor performance of some Judicial officers appointed as members of the higher bench not on the merit but on Godfatherism, nepotism, eye service, sentiment and leading to corruption among the Judicial class. 

“The nagging question is what criteria/yard stick did the JSC, Bauchi used in coming up with the names of suitable and qualified candidate for recommendation as Judges and Kadis of our courts in Bauchi State.”

“The questions demand cogent answer and explanations from the JSC,Bauchi. 
“It worth noting that some of the applicants that had made the supposed list have corrupt tendencies and bad records especial those from the Sharia Court of Appeal,Bauchi.

“I can beat up my chest, touch the ground and point the sky by saying they lack the integrity to be so appointed. 
“Some of them have pending petitions against them.

“I want to assure you that they cannot pass the integrity test.

“The irony is that I know one among the nominees who have once made the list of the recent appointment of the Federal High Court, Nigeria up to the last stage of the screening and infact the second best among Bauchi candidate but could not be shortlisted in the JSC,Bauchi for the appointment as Judge.

“Similarly, many good ones among the nominees could not make up the list. 
“Why? This is the time for judicial revolution against any faulty decision in our judicial system that will encourage corruption in the Judiciary. 

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